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A Quick Guide to Installing Tomcat on Windows  : Page 6

Get started using Java Server Pages (JSP) by installing the Open Source Jakarta Tomcat Servlet and JSP container.

Step 5: Create a Web Archive File
As a last step, create a Web Archive file (WAR). The WAR file is similar to a Windows CAB file—it packages your application. At a command prompt, switch to the directory you created under webapps for your application, for example c:\Tomcat\webapps\foo, and then issue the following command:
   jar cvf foo.war
Copy the resulting foo.war file to the webapps directory of your Tomcat installation.

You've completed the steps to install Tomcat and configure a JSP application. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with Tomcat's directory structure and configuration files, so that you can later focus on your application-specific needs. You can also learn a great deal by studying the sample applications that ship with Tomcat.

Piroz Mohseni is a principle at Bita Technologies, focusing on business improvement through specialized training and effective usage of technology. His areas of interest include enterprise Java, XML, and mobile applications.
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