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Build an Error-Submission System for Your JavaScript/AJAX App Users

When some applications crash, they offer the user a chance to submit information about the error. This information can help developers track down and fix bugs. This 10-Minute Solution demonstrates how to have your JavaScript/AJAX applications do the same thing.

nd-user JavaScript bugs would be easier to debug if you had access to the end-user's computer. Since you don't, you can do the next best thing: get users to send you what you need to fix the problem.

When applications like the Mozilla browser crash, they launch bug-submission programs. These programs ask users if they would like to submit bug reports. If the users do, the programs ask them to enter as much information as they can about what they were doing when their programs crashed. This information, along with anything that the bug-submission programs can figure out on their own, goes to central email drops for developers and project managers to read.

This is extremely useful for developers. Since the programs are running on client machines, this is the only way to get information about bugs that the developers can't reproduce on their development systems. They can also monitor the frequency and severity of specific bugs to decide which ones to fix first.

This 10-Minute Solution demonstrates how to enable the bug-submission function in JavaScript/AJAX programs. When an error occurs in your code, the system will pop up a window through which the user can submit error information.

How do I install a user bug-submission program in my JavaScript/AJAX applications?

Place code inside a wrapper that allows the user to submit an email containing detailed error information.

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