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New Tool Offers Real-Time Insight into Web App Performance

The user monitoring tool measures Web interface metrics from the moment a user initiates a request until the final resulting page loads.


The world of application performance monitoring took a few leaps into the future this month with technology that monitors Web application performance in real time. Known as real user monitoring (RUM), SaaS-based versions of the technology were unveiled by Compuware and New Relic.

The big deal about real user monitoring is that it measures key front-end metrics from the moment a user request is initiated in the app to the final loading of the resulting Web page.

Compuware's Gomez Real-User Monitoring measures mobile Web site and native application performance. It measures performance directly from a user's browser and mobile device, allowing developers and IT professionals to evaluate real-user performance by device or browser, geography, network and connection speed, as well as the resultant impact on business metrics such as page views, conversions, abandonment and end-user satisfaction.

Delivered on demand, Gomez RUM does not require any hardware installation or maintenance. Key capabilities include: mobile browser-based, real-user performance monitoring across all JavaScript-enabled mobile browsers on device platforms such as iOS, Android and Blackberry; and mobile native application-based real-user performance monitoring across iOS and Android.

"Current monitoring solutions take an outside-in approach to end-user monitoring, relying on synthetic transactions and pingers to approximate user behavior," said Lew Cirne, New Relic's founder and CEO. "These approaches can be good for telling you if your site is up at 3 a.m. in a distant part of the world, but they are no substitute for the ability to tell you what users are actually doing, and we are delivering that capability today."

This means that developers can actually see exactly what their website looks like to their customers as it happens (how long it takes pages to load, which browser is faster, whether users in another country are experiencing a slowdown), added Cirne.

"By offering real user monitoring within our all-in-one SAAS offering for free, we are continuing our mission of disrupting the status quo within the application management industry," said Lew Cirne, New Relic's founder and CEO, who believes traditional monitoring models are irrelevant in the cloud era.

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