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Mozilla's Potpourri of Rendered XML

Mozilla 1.0 is busting out and it can display a lot more than just text, links, and images. Check out the interaction of display standards at work in this new browser.


he Mozilla browser, developed as an Open Source project under the auspices of Netscape/AOL, is a nearly complete rewrite of the now ancient Communicator 4.x browser suite. In this article you'll see Mozilla's fresh approach for rendering Web page content onto the screen. HTML (and XHTML) are no longer the only game in town—Mozilla has direct support for other languages, such as MathML (mathematical equations) and SVG (two dimensional vector diagrams).

The sample code in this article doesn't use plugins or foreign content of any kind, except for the occasional image. Instead, the code displays content using only Mozilla's fundamental support for XML entities. To get the maximum benefit from the samples, you should be using Mozilla 0.99 or later. You should also install the TEX and Mathematica fonts available at www.mozilla.org/projects/mathml/. Follow the install instructions at that page.

Editor's Note: You will not be able to see the examples rendered without the Mozilla browser. If you try to load the examples in Internet Explorer, you will see either the XML source or an error, not the rendered examples—Internet Explorer is incapable of displaying the examples.

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