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Cool New Tools in Windows Mobile 6

While it may be some time before you can get your hands on a Windows Mobile 6 device, this early look at the Windows Mobile 6 SDK reveals some of the new tools and utilities you'll be using soon.

icrosoft has recently announced the release of Windows Mobile 6 to device manufacturers. While it will be sometime before you can get your hands on a Windows Mobile 6 device, Microsoft has since released the Windows Mobile 6 SDK so that developers can have an early look at it and prepare for the impending launch of these newer devices. A good portion of the features of the newer platform is for native developers (using Embedded Visual C++), and it will take some time for these new features to be supported on the .NET Compact Framework, making them available to managed developers. Nevertheless, the release of Windows Mobile 6 contains some cool new tools and utilities for managed developers.

With the launch of Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft has yet again introduced a new naming convention for Windows Mobile devices. Table 1 shows the new names for each device category.

Previously known as

Now known as

Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC

Windows Mobile 6 Classic

Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition

Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone

Windows Mobile 6 Standard

Table 1. New Naming for Windows Mobile devices

The previous version of Windows Mobile has a point release number, which is Windows Mobile 5.0. But in this latest version, Microsoft has decided to do away with the point and simply calls it Windows Mobile 6 (and not Windows Mobile 6.0).

Downloading the SDKs
To develop for the Windows Mobile 6 platforms, you need to download two SDKs, depending on the platform you are targeting:

  • Windows Mobile 6 Classic/Professional: Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK (Standard and Professional)
  • Windows Mobile 6 Standard: Windows Mobile 6 Standard SDK
Both SDKs can be downloaded here.

Note that installing the new Windows Mobile 6 SDKs requires the following:

  • Visual Studio 2005 SP1 or later
  • ActiveSync 4.5
  • .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP1
If you don't have the prereq before installations, a dialog will appear during the installation process. Simply click on the Prerequisites button to download the appropriate components you are missing.

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