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Picture SMS Using the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 : Page 4

Got a client that's asking to send messages via SMS? If so, you know there's no easy way to do it without third-party software. Learn how to build your own image-sending SMS application using only the .NET Compact Framework.

Testing the Application
You can now test out the application and see how it works! Deploy the application onto a Windows Mobile 5.0 device (with a valid SIM card for sending and receiving SMS messages). Enter the recipient number and type in some text. To add an image to the message, click the Select File button and select a .jpg file. Click the Send SMS menu item to send the message. When prompted, click Yes to send the message. The recipient (also running the application) will now receive the message. Figure 4 outlines the steps just described.

Author's Note: The easiest way to test the application is to send a message to yourself.

Figure 4. Test It!: These are the steps for testing the application.

Use with Some Consideration
The solution presented in this article shows one way of sending images using SMS. While theoretically you can send images of any size using this method, there is actually a limit to the size of the SMS message that you can send. Also, sending an image using this method uses a large number of SMS messages, which can be quite costly depending on your data plans. However, if your purpose is to send images to recipients quickly, this is a viable solution that you can adopt. Have fun—and let me know if you have an innovative use for this application.

Wei-Meng Lee is a Microsoft MVP and founder of Developer Learning Solutions, a technology company specializing in hands-on training on the latest Microsoft technologies. He is an established developer and trainer specializing in .NET and wireless technologies. Wei-Meng speaks regularly at international conferences and has authored and coauthored numerous books on .NET, XML, and wireless technologies. He writes extensively on topics ranging from .NET to Mac OS X. He is also the author of the .NET Compact Framework Pocket Guide, ASP.NET 2.0: A Developer's Notebook (both from O'Reilly Media, Inc.), and Programming Sudoku (Apress). Here is Wei-Meng's blog.
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