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Tricks to Improve Your Brew Handset Debugging

There's more to the Brew Logger than DBGPRINTF. Learn how to interpret the various log messages and even do some debugging without the logger on handsets.

lthough on-target debugging is supported on many Brew-enabled handsets, you probably (paradoxically) spend most of your time debugging on older handsets that don't have on-target debugging at all. Of course, good instrumentation in debug builds helps you determine what's going on in an errant program, but where do you start?

For some time, Brew has had a number of debug messages available, some that print to the log, and others that can be set to print to the display. While documented—there's usually a session at the Brew Developer Conference every year that discusses these modes—their use still seems apocryphal. This article provides a brief summary as well as a more detailed explanation of both the various Brew debugging messages and the on-handset debug mode.

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