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Keeping Up with the Joneses: Windows Mobile 6.1's New Upgrades  : Page 3

With their Windows Mobile 6.1 release, Microsoft attempts to keep their position in an increasingly competitive market. Find out how these new improvements can benefit you.

Threaded SMS
Another useful improvement in Windows Mobile 6.1 is threaded SMS. SMS messaging now resembles instant messaging. In the past, all SMS messages are listed linearly, making it very difficult to see the conversation between different users. In Windows Mobile 6.1, SMS messages are grouped by senders (see Figure 6).

Figure 6. SMS Streamline: SMS messages are grouped by senders.
Figure 7. SMS Speed: SMS messaging is now instant messaging-like.

Selecting a particular user will reveal the list of conversations between you and the sender. At the same time you can also compose a message to reply to the recipient (see Figure 7).

Copy-and-Paste Support
One major complaint from Windows Mobile Standard device users is the lack of copy-and-paste support. Professional device users do not have this problem, as they can use the stylus to select blocks of code for copying and pasting. Windows Mobile 6.1 brings copy-and-paste to Standard devices (see Figure 8).

Figure 8. Copy-and-Paste: Copy-and-paste is now available for Standard devices.
Figure 9. The New Task Manager: The new Task Manager shows the applications running and their CPU and memory usage status.

Task Manager
One new application in Windows Mobile 6.1 is the task manager. In the past, it wasn't possible to determine which applications were currently running on the device (in Windows Mobile 6 Professional, you can go to the Settings—>Memory's Running Programs tab to see a list of running programs). In Windows Mobile 6.1, the new Task Manager shows the applications running and their CPU and memory usage status (see Figure 9).

You can use the Task Manager to quickly switch between applications. This feature is especially useful for Windows Mobile Standard users.

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