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All the Windows Phone 7 Development Essentials in One Guide

The Windows Phone 7 Cheat Sheet provides all the information you need to start developing applications for the Windows Phone 7 platform.


Windows Phone 7 (WP7), the latest version of the Windows Mobile platform, combines new hardware and development technologies to update the user's experience in connecting to others and maintaining personal data. Among the many changes from the previous version, the biggest is that Windows Phone 7 devices operate mainly via touch rather than hardware keys. This change radically changes how developers design and build applications for the WP7 platform.

To provide developers with an at-a-glance reference guide of all the essential WP7 elements, CodeGuru.com has published the Windows Phone 7 Cheat Sheet. Following a free registration, you can download this helpful reference guide to get WP7 information such as:

  • Windows Phone 7 capabilities
  • Phone hardware features
  • Application certification requirements
  • Development tools & languages
  • Working with the GPS
  • Push notifications
  • User interface controls
  • Using the accelerometer
  • Working with Isolated Storage
  • Programming namespaces (non-System)

All this info and more are condensed into one comprehensive, double-side PDF. If you're already an Internet.com member, you can freely download the cheat sheet now.

Download the WP7 Cheat Sheet from CodeGuru:
Windows Phone 7 Cheat Sheet

Glen Kunene is the Managing Editor for DevX.
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