Publication Guidelines


So, you are looking to write for DevX? Welcome! Before we can get to publishing your amazing content, let’s review a few things. Then, you can get to what you are here for – sharing your tech insights with tech enthusiasts across the world!

Our Main Focuses

  • Enterprise : technology that makes business more effective, streamlined, and productive.
  • SaaS : technology that helps deliver ‘software as a service’ over the internet, instead of downloading and maintaining the software.
  • Small Business : technology to help smaller businesses save money, use time effectively, and work efficiently.
  • Security : technology that protects business both online and offline from threats.
  • Technology : technology in the general sense of innovation and scientific development
  • Tools : technology that can make our lives easier through applications, software, or what have you.

Content Guidelines

  • 700 words minimum with short (3-5 sentence) paragraphs and headings. You may include images from free resources online, but it’s not required. Our content maximum is at 1100 words, but we do make exceptions in some cases.
  • Sponsored posts receive 1 (ONE) do-follow link and will be marked as sponsored.
  • Only original content will be accepted, so do not send us already published content. You can, however, republish your post to your blog or another site with a canonical URL three days after it has appeared on our site.
  • We do NOT accept the following types of sponsored articles: Gambling, Casino, Drugs, CBD, Violence, Real Estate, Lawyers, Insurance, Cryptocurrency, Porn, Adult, etc.

What to Expect From The Process

  • Wait time: expect to wait from 2-4 weeks from submitting the content for an editor to review your content. Your designated editor may have questions about the content, and may outright deny the submission if there are blatant violations of our guidelines.
  • Number of submissions: the number of submissions you get is based on your partnership level. Submissions beyond your partnership level will be automatically denied. 
  • Sharing of content: we encourage sharing content on social media and other news platforms. If you are republishing the content itself, please wait 7-10 days before publishing on your own site. You must also include a link to the original article on our site.

Final Editorial Judgement

Our editing staff reserves the right to reject content for any reason. This include rejecting or eliminating links deemed overly-promotional or harmful. 

Contact us: [email protected]