copyright your website

Step-by-Step Guide to Properly Copyright Your Website

Creating a website is not easy, but protecting your website is equally important. Implementing copyright laws ensures that the substance of your website remains secure and sheltered. Copyrighting your website is an indispensable measure to guarantee that no one can duplicate or plagiarize your website’s content. In this article, we’ll

devops teams

Empower Your DevOps Team With These Must-Have Testing Tools

DevOps, or ‘software development’ and ‘IT operations,’ is a method of software development that emphasizes communication and collaboration between operating teams and developers to produce software more efficiently. With testing now being an integral part of DevOps culture, teams need testing solutions to automate and streamline their quality assurance. Likewise,

what is website tinting

What is Website Tinting and How do You Disable it?

One of the more recent changes to iOS’ internet browser, Safari, is the addition of a website tinting feature. For some, the addition of website tinting has made browsing the internet a more pleasant aesthetic experience. However, the change may be an annoyance and an eyesore for others. In this

vpn for iphone

VPN on iPhone: Why You Should Consider It

In a world that is so technology-centric, cybersecurity is a real threat. While technology like computers and smartphones undeniably benefit our society, they also present new risks. Because we use our devices for many different parts of our lives, the devices become loaded with valuable data. Data presents an opportunity

enterprise resource planning

Enterprise Resource Planning: Top ERP System Examples

One of the most important skills for any modern business is the ability to successfully integrate technology. With so many massive improvements in technology and software capabilities, these resources must be used efficiently in your business. This is where ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, systems come into play. ERP systems