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Assertive Gold Dip

Gold prices dip amid assertive fiscal comments

Wednesday saw a minor decline in gold prices in Asian trading. Officials of the Federal Reserve made assertive comments about fiscal policy responsible for the slump. The strengthening dollar and

"Vorlon API Security"

Vorlon raises $15.7M to strengthen API security

Delaware-based cybersecurity startup, Vorlon, is ramping up its defenses against possible API (Application Programming Interface) invasions. This response comes as increased API usage could promote a surge in business data

Rippling Pursuit

Rippling to pursue substantial funding round

Final-stage HR tech firm Rippling is gearing up to raise considerable funds through a new investment round. The company anticipates a cash injection of about $200 million, with a potential

"Lawyer Estate Battle"

Simpson’s lawyer battles to protect estate from Goldmans

Malcolm LaVergne, O.J. Simpson’s legal representative, is working tirelessly to prevent the Goldman family from obtaining any part of Simpson’s estate. LaVergne is utilizing every possible strategy and revising his

April's Retirement

April’s Social Security retirement payments underway

April’s Social Security retirement payments are currently being dispatched to eligible recipients. Officials anticipate all remaining payments will be distributed soon. It’s important to remember that payments aren’t processed simultaneously,

"EV Charger Ranking"

Rivian develops software to rank EV chargers

Rivian, an auto manufacturer, is working on a software update intended to identify and rank the performance of electric vehicle (EV) chargers. The aim is to offer users trustworthy information

Simpson's Uncompensated Will

Simpson’s will leaves Goldman family uncompensated

Orenthal James (O.J.) Simpson left no financial allocation for the Goldman family in his final testament, continuing a legal battle with them that began in 1997. Instead, he appointed his

"Sustainability Framework"

Framework grapples with software sustainability issues

Framework, known for its modular and customizable laptops, is currently dealing with software and firmware complications. These issues are stopping their users from utilizing critical functionalities and updates, leading to

"COBOL Powerhouse"

COBOL at 65: still a powerhouse in the tech industry

Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL), the brainchild of revered computer scientist Grace Hopper, recently celebrated its 65th birthday and is holding fast as a key component of many US governmental

"Wage Hike Worries"

California’s minimum wage hike worries restaurateurs

California’s recent hike in the minimum wage to $20 has stirred anxiety among local restaurateurs. One such owner, Justin Foronda of HiFi Kitchen in Filipinotown, fears escalated food prices that

"Seniors Workforce"

Rising living costs force seniors back to work

Living costs are escalating, compelling many to work beyond retirement age. A prime example is Hope Murray. Even after a productive five-decade career, she was forced to come out of

"Economy Election Outcome"

India’s economy hangs on election outcome

India’s general elections are a prominent topic for the business sector as they back Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s re-election. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is perceived to offer the needed

Samsung Disruption

Samsung disrupts Apple’s dominance in smartphone market

With a marked decline in iPhone shipments made public on April 15, 2024, Samsung is steadily capturing a more significant portion of the smartphone market, disrupting Apple’s historical prevalence. Samsung’s

"Sony XR Performance"

Sony’s XR beats Apple’s Vision Pro in performance

Sony has introduced a new range of headphones that are superior in comfort, bass performance, and efficiency to Apple’s Vision Pro, setting new industry standards. The XR headset from Sony

Pixel 8a Reveal

Unofficial Pixel 8a reveal sparks global speculation

Google’s upcoming Pixel 8a smartphone, not yet officially unveiled, was accidentally displayed on an unmentioned U.S.-based carrier’s website, sparking widespread speculation among tech enthusiasts across the globe. This accidental reveal

AI Advancements

AI advancements reshaping advertising and business

The rapid technological advancements have set unique stages in various business sectors, particularly in advertising. Big tech giants like Google and Facebook are utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize their

Optimizing Mac Performance for Developers

Optimizing Mac Performance for Developers

Efficiency isn’t just about writing code; it’s also about maintaining an optimal development environment. For developers using Macs, this means ensuring your system is clean and primed for productivity. This

The Benefits of Embedded Systems for Your Business

The Benefits of Embedded Systems for Your Business

Embedded software is not your typical software. It’s specialized programming built right into the hardware of devices or systems, designed specifically to tackle unique tasks. This isn’t like the software

"Delayed Retirement"

Maximizing benefits through delayed US retirement

The official retirement age in the United States isn’t set in stone, with citizens choosing when to begin receiving Social Security benefits. Some opt for as early as 62, despite

Biden-Kishida Alliance

Biden hosts Kishida: Strengthening US-Japan alliance

US President Joe Biden recently hosted a state dinner for Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. This gathering highlighted the unity and shared objectives between the two nations, addressing issues such

"Vorlon API Security"

Vorlon raises $15.7M to strengthen API security

Delaware-based cybersecurity startup, Vorlon, is ramping up its defenses against possible API (Application Programming Interface) invasions. This response comes as increased API usage could promote