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Addiction Brain

Study links internet addiction to brain changes

A recent study suggests that young people with internet addiction experience changes in brain chemistry that can lead to further addictive behaviors. The study, published in PLOS Mental Health, used

Adobe Backlash

Adobe faces backlash over updated user terms

Adobe is facing backlash from users after updating its terms of use. The changes allow the company to review content stored in its cloud services. This has sparked outrage among

Tweezer-hands performance

Tweezer-hands improve performance in VR study

Scientists have discovered that people can feel bionic tools, such as tweezers, as extensions of their own body in virtual reality (VR). This improves their task performance and dexterity. The

Female President

Claudia Sheinbaum elected Mexico’s first female president

Mexico elected Claudia Sheinbaum, a climate scientist, as its first female president. Sheinbaum has the most formal climate-science background of any political premier in history. She studied emissions from buildings

Gravity Study

UAH study suggests gravity without mass

Dr. Richard Lieu from The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) has published a study that challenges the existence of dark matter. The study suggests that gravity may exist even

AI Struggles

Humane struggles with AI Pin launch

Anthropic's "constitutional AI" approach faces skepticism as concerns grow over the company's ability to deliver on its ambitious promises of building safe and ethical AI systems. — Vincent Champain

LUX iPhone

Leica LUX app brings signature style to iPhone

Leica has launched a new iPhone app called Leica LUX that brings the iconic camera company’s signature style and lens simulations to mobile photography. The app offers a range of

ChatGPT outage

OpenAI’s ChatGPT outage disrupted global users

ChatGPT, the popular AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, experienced a major outage on June 4, 2024. The disruption affected users worldwide, leaving them unable to access the service for several

AI Fusion

Princeton’s AI enhances plasma performance in fusion reactors

Princeton researchers have developed a machine learning method to suppress harmful edge instabilities in fusion reactors without sacrificing plasma performance. The approach, which optimizes the system’s suppression response in real-time,

Dell AI

Nicholas Brackney on Dell’s AI initiatives

Dell Technologies World 2024 showcased the company’s strong commitment to artificial intelligence (AI). However, amidst the excitement surrounding AI, Dell also emphasized the critical importance of cybersecurity. As a cybersecurity

AI Risks

Yellen warns of significant AI risks in finance

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen plans to warn about the “significant risks” of using artificial intelligence in finance. She will deliver this message at a conference hosted by the Financial Stability

Shareholder Sues

Tesla shareholder sues Musk over insider trading

Elon Musk is facing a new lawsuit accusing him of insider trading. The lawsuit was filed by Tesla shareholder Michael Perry in a Delaware court last week. Perry claims Musk

AI Cybersecurity

Trend Micro announces AI cybersecurity partnership

Trend Micro has announced a new partnership with Nvidia to enhance its cybersecurity offerings using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The collaboration aims to improve Trend Micro’s ability to detect and

Nvidia Market

Nvidia tops $3 trillion market value

Jensen Huang bet on AI chips and oh boy, it’s worked — Zoe Kleinman (@zsk) June 6, 2024 Nvidia’s market value surged past $3 trillion on Wednesday, overtaking Apple to

Essential Measures for Safeguarding Your Digital Data

Essential Measures for Safeguarding Your Digital Data

Our online presence and digital data have become a valuable commodity, whether we’re talking about outreach, networking, or simply staying up to date with our friends and colleagues and the

FSD update

Tesla employees receive FSD v12.4.1 update today

Tesla employees received the Full Self-Driving (FSD) v12.4.1 update today, according to an announcement from Elon Musk on X. The release was initially planned for May 20th but was delayed

Starship Flight

SpaceX’s Starship completes fourth test flight

SpaceX’s Starship, the most powerful launch vehicle ever built, lifted off for its fourth flight test on Thursday. The launch occurred from SpaceX’s private Starbase facility in Boca Chica, Texas,

Vengeance Trailer

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance trailer released

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance, the expanded re-release of the 2021 Nintendo Switch exclusive, launches on June 14 for PS5 and PS4. The game introduces a new storyline called the

Cybersecurity Challenges

Sophos releases survey on cybersecurity challenges

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are struggling with significant cyber security skills shortages, according to a new report by Sophos. The study surveyed 350 MSPs across the U.S., U.K., Germany, and

Musk Trump talks

Elon Musk reportedly in talks with Trump

Elon Musk has been getting closer to Donald Trump, sparking speculation about a potential advisory role in a future Trump administration. The Wall Street Journal reported that Musk and Trump

xAI raises

Elon Musk’s xAI raises $6 billion

Elon Musk is once again the world’s richest person, thanks to his new artificial intelligence startup, xAI. The company recently announced significant milestones, propelling Musk past French luxury goods tycoon

Actor Qualcomm

Actor Justin Long promotes Qualcomm laptops

Qualcomm is officially at #COMPUTEX2024, and the entire PC ecosystem, including partners from @Acer, @ASUS, @Dell, @HP, @Lenovo, and @Microsoft gathered to share their support of #SnapdragonXSeries. — Qualcomm

Ace Headphones

Sonos Ace headphones review: impressive audio quality

Sonos has entered the headphone market with the $449 Ace headphones. The new headphones have caught attention for their well-designed look and impressive audio quality. Billy Steele finds the integration

Zen 5

AMD announces Zen 5 Ryzen 9000 processors

AMD has unveiled its latest AI chips at the COMPUTEX forum in Taipei, Taiwan. The announcement was made by AMD CEO Lisa Su during the opening speech. The new chips

Netskope revenue

Netskope surpasses $500 million in revenue

Netskope, a leader in the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) market, has announced a significant milestone, surpassing $500 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR). This achievement reflects the company’s robust

AI Investment

Cisco launches $1 billion AI investment fund

Cisco has announced a $1 billion investment fund focused on expanding and developing AI products and technologies. The company made the announcement during the Cisco Live event in Las Vegas.

Cybersecurity Partnership

CrowdStrike and eSentire expand cybersecurity partnership

CrowdStrike and eSentire have announced an expanded partnership to integrate threat intelligence and enhance eSentire’s 24/7 managed security operations with CrowdStrike’s AI-native cybersecurity capabilities. The partnership aims to address the

Starlink blessings

Starlink brings mixed blessings to Marubo tribe

The arrival of smartphones, social media, and high speed internet can warp a culture and change childhood in less than one year, as happened to the Marubo people of the