Clean Energy Adoption

Inside Michigan’s Clean Energy Revolution

Democratic state legislators in Michigan continue to discuss and debate clean energy legislation in the hopes of establishing a comprehensive clean energy strategy for the state. A Senate committee meeting

Romanian Energy Security

Eastern Europe is Achieving Energy Security

Canada and Romania have solidified their commitment to energy security and independence from Russian energy exports by signing a $3-billion export development agreement. The deal is centered on constructing two

Poland Energy Future

Westinghouse Builds Polish Power Plant

Westinghouse Electric Company and Bechtel have come together to establish a formal partnership in order to design and construct Poland’s inaugural nuclear power plant at the Lubiatowo-Kopalino site in Pomerania.

Truth Unveiling

Unveiling Truths in Bowen’s SMR Controversy

Tony Wood from the Grattan Institute has voiced his concerns over Climate and Energy Minister Chris Bowen’s critique of the Coalition’s support for small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs). Wood points

Renewable Crypto Miners

Crypto Miners Embrace Renewable Energy?

As the cryptocurrency sector deals with the fallout from the FTX and Celsius exchange collapses, Bitcoin miners are increasingly exploring alternative energy sources to reduce expenses and maintain profitability. Specialists

Geoengineering Bottleneck

Geoengineering Won’t Work?

A group of international specialists has recommended that governments enforce a temporary halt to geoengineering initiatives aimed at addressing climate change, as the persistent increase in greenhouse gas emissions exacerbates

Bold Request

Clean Energy’s Bold Request: High Electricity Charges

Clean energy firms have approached regulators with requests to allow higher electricity charges than previously agreed upon. The decision could significantly impact both the political and economic aspects of state-level

Clean Energy Wave

2 Trillion Dollar Industry…

The shift towards clean energy is anticipated to surpass $2 trillion, driven by corporate commitments to decarbonization and government funding, as stated by UBS analyst Shneur Gershuni. This monumental push