Stifled Solar Growth

California Policy Change Stifles Solar Industry Growth

A recent alteration in California’s policies has had significant consequences on the renewable energy industry, particularly affecting the residential rooftop solar market. Implemented in April the previous year, the policy

Nuclear Power Expansion

UK Plans Major Nuclear Power Expansion

The UK government has revealed an ambitious proposal to significantly develop its nuclear power facilities, signifying the most considerable expansion in this industry in seventy years. The plan includes constructing

Tamil Clean Energy

Tata Invests in Tamil Nadu Clean Energy

Indian corporation Tata has signed an exploratory agreement with the Tamil Nadu government for a substantial clean energy investment in the southern state. The potential investment of around 708 billion

Nuclear Plant Expansion

France to Construct Eight Additional Nuclear Plants

France has recently announced plans to build eight more nuclear power plants in addition to the six previously disclosed, as stated by Energy Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher. This decision supports the