Cybersecurity Banking Revolution

Digital Banking Needs Cybersecurity

The banking, financial, and insurance (BFSI) sectors are pioneers in digital transformation, using web applications and application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide seamless services to customers around the world. Rising

FinTech Leadership

Terry Clune’s Fintech Empire

Over the past 30 years, Terry Clune has built a remarkable business empire, with CluneTech at the helm. The CEO and Founder has successfully created eight fintech firms, attracting renowned

Innovation Ignition

New Fintech Innovation Ignites Change

The fintech sector continues to attract substantial interest, as demonstrated by a dedicated fintech stage at a recent event featuring panel discussions and informal conversations with industry professionals. The gathering,

Mortgage Rate Challenges

Prop-Tech Firms Face Mortgage Rate Challenges

The surge in mortgage rates and a subsequent decrease in home buying have presented challenges for prop-tech firms like Divvy Homes, a rent-to-own start-up company. With a previous valuation of

Avoiding Crisis

Racing to Defy Looming Financial Crisis

Chinese property developer Country Garden is facing a liquidity challenge as it approaches a deadline to pay $15 million in interest associated with an offshore bond. With a 30-day grace

Fintech Revolution Leap

Figure’s Bold Leap Beyond Banking

Figure, a fast-growing fintech startup, recently retracted its bid to become a bank, sparking speculation that the process was too challenging. However, the true reason behind Figure’s decision was its

Revolutionary Battle Glory

Payment Solutions Battle for Glory

Visa has disclosed the names of the five finalists who will be showcasing their creative payment solutions at the Visa Everywhere Initiative (VEI) 2023 Global Finals. Jonas Overgaard, Saksham Shubham,

AI Frenzy

People Can’t Stop Investing in AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to experience remarkable growth for the rest of the decade, as Ark Investment Management CEO Cathie Wood predicts an impressive investment opportunity in AI software.