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Starlink Internet

Starlink Mini provides internet to nomads

SpaceX’s Starlink has launched a new compact device called the Starlink Mini. It is about the size of a thick laptop and is designed to provide internet access to backpackers and

Dark Web

Google launches free dark web reports

Google is set to launch a significant update to its Dark Web Report by the end of this month, extending its availability to all users with a Google account—whether paid

Xbox Highlight

Microsoft’s new ad highlights Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has unveiled a new advertisement promoting the availability of Xbox Game Pass on Amazon Fire Sticks. The ad emphasizes that players do not need an Xbox console to enjoy

Echo Spot

Amazon launches updated Echo Spot alarm clock

Amazon launched a new $79 Echo Spot alarm clock. The device features a redesigned display and better audio quality. It is the first upgrade to the Echo Spot since Amazon

Galaxy Watch

Samsung reveals new Galaxy Watch features

Getting deja vu… Check out my hands-on with Samsung's latest smartwatches, like the #GalaxyWatchUltra and tell me whether you think Apple will be asking for royalties lol — Cherlynn Low


Apple Watch Series 9 deal at Target

Apple’s latest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 9, is now available at a discounted price of $300, down from its original price of $400. This deal is part of Target’s

Indiana Broadband

Indiana to receive $868M for broadband expansion

Indiana will soon have access to $868 million in federal funds earmarked for projects to improve internet access across the state. Indiana officials said the state is now only a

Carbon Capture

Carbon capture gains traction globally

The global push for carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) is gaining momentum as governments and industries seek to tackle emissions in hard-to-abate sectors. Despite the surge in new projects

Labour Majority

Labour secures majority, pledges green overhaul

„quadrupling Britain’s offshore wind capacity, which is already second globally to China’s, as part of an ambitious effort to eliminate emissions from electric power generation by 2030“ ⁦@nytimes⁩ —

Internet Tips

Lower your internet costs with these tips

The median price for internet in the United States is $63 per month for all available speeds, with auto-pay discounts applied. This price does not include equipment rental costs, which

Series Enhancements

Apple’s Series 10 watch to feature enhancements

More in this week’s Power On: Apple Intelligence’s major Siri upgrades are set for next spring, the latest on AirPods with cameras and Apple will get an OpenAI board observer

AirTags Price

Apple AirTags hit lowest price on Amazon

Apple’s AirTags are now available at their lowest price ever on Amazon. The AirTag 4 Pack is currently on sale for $74.98, down from its usual price of $99.00. This

Quasicrystal Mazes

Intricate mazes found in quasicrystal structures

Scientists have discovered incredibly complex mazes within the atomic structure of quasicrystals. These unusual crystals have atoms arranged in intricate, non-repeating patterns that defy traditional laws of symmetry. Researchers at

FEMA grant

Crisfield secures $36 million FEMA grant

The City of Crisfield has secured over $36 million in federal funding for a flood mitigation project to protect the southern part of the city. The Federal Emergency Management Agency

Quantum Stocks

Top 3 quantum computing stocks to buy

Quantum computing stocks are attracting investor attention as the technology advances rapidly. Three promising quantum computing stocks with strong buy ratings this summer are D-Wave Quantum, IONQ Inc., and Rigetti

Nvidia Micron

Nvidia and Micron price targets raised

KeyBanc has increased the price targets for Nvidia and Micron. Analyst John Vinh raised Nvidia’s target to $180 from $130 and Micron’s to $165 from $160. The increases come as traditional

Manor Lords

Manor Lords publisher defends early access strategy

Raphael van Lierop, CEO of Hinterland, recently shared his thoughts on the early access performance of the medieval city builder Manor Lords. Van Lierop praised the game’s quality but expressed

Job Scams

AI drives 118% surge in job scams

Job scams surged by 118% in 2023 compared to the previous year, according to a report from the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC). The watchdog group said the rise of

First Descendant Icons

The First Descendant criticized for Destiny 2 icons

The free-to-play shooter The First Descendant has come under fire for allegedly using icons that closely resemble those from Destiny 2. The issue was first brought to light by writer

Ambitious Climate

Labour’s climate strategy: ambitious and urgent

Fantastic to welcome all of our returning and new Labour MPs today. The work of change begins now. — Keir Starmer (@Keir_Starmer) July 8, 2024 The UK’s Labour party

Galaxy Ring

Samsung unveils Galaxy Ring on July 10

Samsung is set to launch its highly anticipated Galaxy Ring on July 10, marking the first smart ring from a major tech company. As excitement builds, industry experts are closely

Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro arrives in Australia

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently sat down for an exclusive interview with EFTM’s Trevor Long to discuss the launch of the Apple Vision Pro in Australia. The device, which was

Tesla Robots

Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft invest in AI robots

Tesla, Amazon, and Microsoft are investing heavily in AI-powered humanoid robots. These companies believe the robots could help solve the global labor shortage. The robots are designed to perform tasks

M1 MacBook

Apple drops M1 MacBook Air price

Apple has partnered with Walmart to drop the price of the M1 MacBook Air to a surprising new low of $649. This comes just in time for the back-to-school season

Climate Exclude

Florida textbooks ordered to exclude climate change

Florida has instructed textbook authors to remove certain references to climate change from science books for them to be approved for use in the state’s public schools. Ken Miller, co-author

Adapting Fungi

Fungi adapting to body temperature, resisting drugs

Researchers have discovered that fungi are adapting to human body temperature and becoming drug-resistant, with potential links to climate change being explored. Candida auris, a fungus resistant to multiple antifungal

Humble Beginnings

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s humble beginnings

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang shared his journey from humble beginnings to leading a tech giant in a recent interview. He revealed that the vision for Nvidia was conceived in the

Aurora Earth

Polar rain aurora seen from Earth

Scientists have discovered that the rare Arctic aurora witnessed on Christmas Day in 2022 was caused by a “polar rain” of electrons from the sun. The unusual aurora, which appeared