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iPhone SE

iPhone SE 4 to share iPhone 16 design

Apple is gearing up to launch the iPhone SE 4, and a new report suggests that it will share some design elements with the upcoming iPhone 16. The iPhone SE

outage disrupts

Crowdstrike software outage disrupts global systems

A major global technology outage disrupted flights, small businesses, and government offices worldwide on Friday. Jen chci AI pripomenout, ze pri promptovani vzdycky dekuju a prosim. — Miloš Čermák

GPT-4o mini

OpenAI introduces GPT-4o Mini AI model

OpenAI has released a new model called GPT-4o Mini. It is a smaller, more affordable version of their powerful language models. The goal is to make AI development more accessible

Google Acquisition

Google in talks to acquire Wiz

Google is in advanced talks to acquire Wiz, a fast-growing cybersecurity startup, for approximately $23 billion. Interviewed @wiz_io CEO Assaf Rappaport and Thrive Capital's Philip Clark as… potential news is

Dangerous Passage

Dangerous sea ice reduces Northwest Passage days

The melting of Arctic sea ice has led to an increase in shipping traffic through the Northwest Passage, a route connecting Europe and Asia along the northern edge of Canada.

Climate Protest

Protest art on climate crisis at RNC

A young man sits in a brightly decorated nursery, sweating profusely as he fiddles with a broken air conditioner. Nearby, an older woman paces in the wreckage of a flooded

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 9 sees big discounts

The Apple Watch Series 9 is now available at its most affordable price ever. The smartwatch, originally priced at $399, is currently being offered at a $120 discount, bringing the

Impactful Speech

Musk praises Ramaswamy’s impactful RNC speech

Elon Musk praised Vivek Ramaswamy for his impassioned speech at the Republican National Convention. Musk highlighted Ramaswamy’s ability to connect with the audience and address key issues facing the nation.

Money-Saving Open Source CRMs to Consider and How to Host Them

Money-Saving Open Source CRMs to Consider and How to Host Them

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are indispensable. They help you organize customer information, track vital business activities, and conduct analytics so that you can improve marketing, sales, product development, and

Meteorite Impact

More meteorites hit Mars than thought

NASA’s InSight lander has revealed that Mars is hit by more meteorites than previously thought. The lander’s seismometer, called SEIS, detected seismic waves from meteorite impacts on the Red Planet’s

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 9 price drops to $280

The Apple Watch Series 9 is now available at its lowest price ever following Prime Day. The top smartwatch from Apple is currently priced at just $280, down from its

Melting Rotation

Melting ice caps slow Earth’s rotation

ETH researchers show that as the Earth's #IceMelt's, #ClimateChange will change the axis Earth's #AxisOfRotation and the length of the day, affecting the speed of rotation previously determined by the

Strategic Partnership

Riverlane and Atlantic Quantum form strategic partnership

Riverlane, a UK-based error-correction specialist, and startup Atlantic Quantum have announced a strategic partnership to scale fluxonium-based qubit architecture. The collaboration aims to advance the technology towards fault-tolerant quantum computing.

Glacier Discovery

Climbers discover body on Huascarán glacier

Ryan Cooper and his brother Wesley Warne were descending Peru’s highest mountain, Huascarán, on June 27 when they noticed an unusual shape on the glacier. Upon closer inspection, they discovered

Amazfit Deals

Amazfit Prime Day deals slash prices

Amazfit has launched its best Prime Day deals, offering up to 40% off across various smartwatch models and accessories. Amazon Prime Day is here with deals you can't afford to

Galaxy Watch

Samsung introduces new Galaxy Watch wristbands

Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra wristbands show the company’s commitment to design and user experience. The bands come in different styles called Sport, Fabric, and Athleisure

Biden COVID-19

Biden tests positive for COVID-19

President Joe Biden’s campaign events are currently on pause due to a Covid-19 infection. This COULD offer a fair and decent exit strategy if he is to pull out…#Biden tests

Meteorites Bombardment

Mars bombarded by more meteorites yearly

NASA’s InSight lander has revealed that Mars is hit by more meteorites than previously thought. A new study suggests that around 300 basketball-sized meteorites strike Mars’ surface every year. This

ISS Deorbit

NASA and SpaceX plan ISS deorbit

SpaceX is developing a superpowered spaceship to help NASA decommission the International Space Station in the early 2030s. The plan involves using a modified Dragon spacecraft, upgraded specifically for this

pro-Trump pledges

musk pledges $45 million to pro-Trump PAC

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has pledged $45 million to a new pro-Trump super PAC. This marks his transition from tech mogul to a significant Republican megadonor.

Affordable Watch

New OnePlus Watch 2R offers affordability

The OnePlus Watch 2R has launched as a cheaper alternative to OnePlus’ latest smartwatch. Let AI summarize that document and write up that report so you can get back to

EU accusation

EU accuses Elon Musk’s X of violating DSA

The European Union has charged Elon Musk’s X with violating new regulations for social media platforms. European regulators say when Musk relaunched the blue check “verification” system after he purchased

Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 offers minor upgrades

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 offers minor improvements over its predecessor. It maintains its lead in the Wear OS market despite some drawbacks. The watch has accurate heart rate monitoring,

Reform Publishing

A call to reform scientific publishing

Paul Sutter, a cosmologist, is deeply invested in the integrity of science. He studies the origins, structure, and evolution of the Universe. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he watched with alarm

Trump Security

Secret Service increases security for Trump

The Secret Service has increased security measures following reports of a plot to assassinate former President Donald Trump. U.S. officials learned of the conspiracy weeks before an attempted assassination in