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Samsung HBM

Nvidia works on certifying Samsung HBM chips

Samsung Electronics Co. shares rose after news broke that a critical certification process for the company’s high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chips is underway. This significant step would allow the Korean firm

Primordial Blackholes

Fewer primordial black holes than expected

Scientists may have found an explanation for why primordial black holes, thought to have formed shortly after the Big Bang, have not been directly observed. A new study suggests there

President Claudia

Claudia Sheinbaum elected president of Mexico

Claudia Sheinbaum has made history as Mexico’s first female president. She won a landmark election, becoming the country’s first woman and Jewish leader. Sheinbaum, 61, is also a climate scientist,

Final Shape

Destiny 2’s The Final Shape closing saga

We have one more surprise for you today. 🎁 Once this tweet gets 7,777 likes we'll unlock a new desktop and mobile wallpaper, featuring unseen Destiny 2: The Final Shape

xAI Funding

Musk’s xAI raises $6 billion in funding

Elon Musk is once again the world’s richest person, thanks to his new artificial intelligence startup, xAI. Musk’s net worth now stands at $209.5 billion, surpassing French luxury goods tycoon

Summer Game

Fewer big reveals at Summer Game Fest 2024

Wondering what time #SummerGameFest streams in your neck of the woods on Friday? Check here: — Summer Game Fest (@summergamefest) June 3, 2024 Geoff Keighley, host and organizer of

Rhinoceros Extinction

Woolly rhinoceros extinction linked to human activity

Researchers from the University of Adelaide and the University of Copenhagen have solved a 10,000-year-old mystery regarding the extinction of the woolly rhinoceros. The study indicates that human activity, along

Tesla Chips

Musk diverts AI chips from Tesla to X and xAI

Nvidia internally fact-checking on Elon remarks from a Tesla earnings call is just great reading — Jordan Novet (@jordannovet) June 4, 2024 Elon Musk has instructed Nvidia to

Adult Content

X updates policy to allow adult content

X (formerly Twitter) has officially updated its policies to allow adult content on the platform. #Twitter accepte désormais les contenus pour adultes 😳 X changes its adult content policies, formally

Floods Southern

Death toll rises as floods hit southern Germany

Five people have died in southern Germany after heavy rainfall hit the region and caused vast floods. Nice to see a country's leader connect scientific understanding to our new reality.

Connectivity Ends

Affordable Connectivity Program ends due to funding

The Affordable Connectivity Program, which helped low-income Americans get online, has officially ended. The Affordable Connectivity Program has helped over 50,000 Delaware families save on internet bills. But starting tomorrow,

Cybersecurity Training

Modern cybersecurity training: role-playing essential

Traditional cybersecurity training is proving inadequate in an era of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. The focus must shift towards more interactive methods, such as role-playing and simulations, to better prepare

Cybersecurity Threats

Financial sector enhances cybersecurity amid threats

Financial organizations are adapting to a complex cybersecurity environment as they navigate rapid digitalization and the need for robust data protection measures. Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions have

woman with laptop on her lap maximing productivity with tech tools

13 Strategies for Maximizing Productivity with Tech Tools

In today’s quickly changing digital world, maximizing productivity with tech tools has become essential for professionals in every industry. Understanding how to utilize tech tools effectively can significantly enhance efficiency

Future Healthcare

The future of healthcare: Merging tech and biology

The “Internet of Bodies” (IoB) is a concept that describes the integration of technology with the human body. This fusion of the digital and biological realms could revolutionize healthcare and

Data Breach

MediSecure data breach underscores skills shortage

Australia continues to grapple with the ramifications of a massive cybersecurity skills shortage, underscored by a recent large-scale data breach at electronic prescription company MediSecure. Along with other significant incidents,

Turbulence Injures

Turbulence injures 12 on Qatar Airways flight

Privileged to be part of John Meagher’s long-form journalism probe into the tossy-turny world of aviation turbulence — Eoghan Corry (@eoghancorry) June 1, 2024 The recent incidents of severe turbulence

Charred Meteorite

Homeowner finds warm, charred meteorite rock

Dan Charlton was standing in his back garden in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, when he saw a green light and heard a “whoosh” as an object plummeted to the ground. The

Modi scrutiny

Our Favorite Artificial Intelligence [AI] Speakers for 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a transformative force, revolutionizing industries and shaping the future of technology. As the field continues to evolve, thought leaders and visionaries have emerged, sharing their