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How can I create JavaScript enhanced web pages?

Question: I’ve been poking around the net and have seen several development environments for creating Java applets/applications. What software do I need to create JavaScripts that I can use on

Disabling Netscape Toolbar Functions

Question: Is there any way with HTML, JavaScript, Javaor whatever to disable the “Back” and “Forward” buttons in the Netscape toolbar? As content on the Web enters the realm of

Printing from Applets

Question: I am trying to construct an applet that accepts data from the user and performs several calculations on that data.I would like to give the capability to print out

Writing Servers in Java

Question: How can a server written in Java work like a UNIX daemon? To me it seems that a server cannot be an applet. Is it a standalone application? Answer:

Reading a Double from Command Line

Question: Hi, I just started to program in Java in Win95 platform. Even though I/O through files has already been discussed, I am having trouble reading a double from the

How can I get the version of Windows at runtime?

Question: How can I get the version of Windows at runtime? Answer: Use the WinAPI call to GetVersion. GetVersion returns 3.1for Win 3.1, 3.11, WfW 3.11 and Win NTwhen called

VBScript “Replace” Function

Question: I am using Microsoft’s Active Server Pages for a web application I am working on. In the application I must take user input (via an html form) and insert

Netware Installs

Question: How can I install a second Novell server on my network without having togo through CDs or floppy disks? Answer: If you already have a Novell 4.x server installed

How does DNS work?

Question: How does DNS work? Answer: Domain Name Service (DNS) is a service that is contained in the TCP/IP protocolsuite and provides a way of mapping IP addresses to names;

BASE TARGET for all a HREF documents in frame

Question: I want all documents that I open from a child frame to be “target=_top”, but I don’t want to add “Target=” to every HREF tag. Is there a way

Direct File System gets full

Question: I am repeatedly getting a ‘Volume Full for Direct File System’ message on my SQLBase Server while I’m loading data to my DBs. I couldn’t find any documentation regarding

VBScript and Time Control

Question: Is it possible to let the browser automatically turn off when it is left idle for certain period of time using like VBScript and ActiveX? For example, there isn’t

ActiveX Object Size

Question: Can I set the object height & width in VBScript to the current size of the browser? Answer: Using the InternetExplorer object, you can access the Height and Widthproperties,

LAN performance

Question: I have many workgroups in my enterprise with different demands on theLAN. How can I improve the performance on my LAN without spending too much money? Answer: Ethernet allows

Bridging vs Routing

Question: What are the differences between bridging and routing? Answer: A bridge is a device that connects two or more network segments. A routeris also a device that connects two

NetWare and IP

Question: How do I route IP traffic on my Novell server? Answer: In order to take advantage of the TCP/IP networking protocol on your Novell3.x or 4.x server, you first

Win 3.x APIs Equivalent in Win 95

Question: I’m trying to migrate an application I created in SQLWindows to Centura and it had some Windows API function calls in USER.EXE. Porting it to Centura, the “Cannot find

How do subnet masks work?

Question: What do subnet masks mean and how do they work? Answer: Subnetworks help improve performance, reduce congestion, enhance securityand allow us to isolate networks. On a wide area network,

Updating a Table with Multiple Values

Question: Oracle 7.3, Microsoft Access 2.0 and up, and Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 all provide methods by which a single SQL command can update a table using multiple values looked

Informix non-logged databases

Question: In a data warehouse, loading/transforming data is a significant process. Do Informix non-logged databases provide significant performance gains in loading and transforming data? Answer: YES! Though your needs may

Set explain on fails

Question: Set explain on fails (sqlcode: 586 (I think) ISAM: 1) (Could not open sqexplain.out). We have plenty of disk space and file permissions. It even failed as “root” in

Importance of DataBlades

Question: Why are DataBlades so important, as opposed to building application logic separate from the database? Answer: Though at first glance it appears that DataBlades and application logic operate similarly,

What does the “://” in a URL mean?

Question: What does the “://” in a URL mean? I understand the “http” and thedomain name, but there must be a reason for the “://”. Answer: Actually its not “://”