Writing Data to Disk

Writing Data to Disk

I have written a testing program that writes results to a grid.How do I write the grid to disk so that changes can be addedfrom testing session to testing session. By the way, I am notusing any db program, just the grid in VIsual Basic.

Writing the data to disk should not be a difficult thing. Basically, you can just put it out to a text file, with each line in the text file being one row, the one cells delimited by a specific ASCII character. Tabs are traditional for this, as are commas and tilde’s (the little squiggly character that’s usually over the “reverse apostrophe”, just to the left of the 1 key). The only thing to make sure of is that the character you use as a delimiter won’t appear as part of the data (that’s why the Tab character is especially good for numeric data but not so good if you’re going to have paragraphs of text).When it comes time to repopulate the grid, just use the Line Input statement, parse it out at your delimiter character, and then feed the parsed results into your individual cells.


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