Aligning Columns in a List Box

Aligning Columns in a List Box

I have a List with names and addresses from a database.I want to have the list as shown below.

Mr. Smith          Street 10Mr. Andersson      Street 25
I’ve tried aligning them by adding the appropriate number of spaces to move the street address to column 25 (by subtracting the length of the name from 25), but it always shows up as below:
Mr. Smith         Street 10Mr. Andersson       Stree 25
Why does it do this?

In this case, it sounds like you are running into problems because each letter is a different size. The simplest fix is to use Courier New, which is a fixed width font. In this font, each letter is the same width. I’ve run into the same thing and we used the fixed width font approach. An alternative is to use a grid of some sort, which would be a better idea so you don’t have to manually align your data.


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