October 1, 1996

Using Rnd Function

Question: Is there any way I can have a % chance in random events. (say you click on a button and you have a 30% chance of it doing one

Varying Length Dynamically

Question: I know VB insists on a _constant_ for the array subscript. Has anyone found a way around this? I would like to set an array length equal to the

Putting Buttons on PictureBox

Question: My question is that I’m trying to put a command buttons in a picture box on MDI form (it’s a text editor). But it always keeps on givin’ me

Putting a ProgressBar on a StatusBar

Question: Both the ProgressBar and the StatusBar appear to be welcome additions to the VB controls set. But, while I have had to create each of the various built-in StatusBar

Changing Database Structure

Question: I’m using VB 3.0 to work with databases in the Jet 2.0 format. I expect it will be necessary to add new fields to the database sometime in the

Editing Forms Directly

Question: I want to present screens of text in an application. I plan to use label controls and would like to cut and paste the text from my word processor

Controlling Netscape

Question: I’m trying to write an application that loads URLs into the user’s web browser, but it’s based on the shell function and fires up a second Netscape window when

Calling a Form’s Subroutines

Question: How can I call another Form’s subroutine? Answer: Under VB3 you can’t call another form’s subroutine. If you need to do this, put the sub into a .BAS module.

Setting Windows Wallpaper

Question: I am trying to use the API call SystemParametersInfo to change the Windows wallpaper. It works great in a Borland C program I wrote, but doesn’t work in VB.