Using Access 7.0/95 with VB 3.0

Using Access 7.0/95 with VB 3.0

I am working on a system with Windows ’95 and Office for Windows ’95. This includes Access 7.0. How can I get VB 3.0 to recognize databases I have created in that version of Access. I have tried the 2.0 compatablity layer, and as expected it did not work. Any help you you can give me in this area would be greatly appreciated.

VB 3.0 uses the Jet 2.5 engine, which is not upwardly compatible with Access 7.0 databases. The 2.0 compatibility layer lets VB 3.0 read Access 2.0 databases. Sorry to tell you, but you’ll have to get VB 4.0 to use Access 7.0 databases.


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