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Creating a Form Without a Title Bar

Question: How can I create a form that doesn’t have a caption, but can be re-sized? Answer: Many folks would say, “Just set the BorderStyle of the form to bsNone

Moving a TCommonDialog Around

Question: How can I pop up a dialog like TOpenDialog in the corner of my screen instead of the center? Answer: This is kind of a weird one, because normally

Integer-to-string Conversions

Question: I want to convert an integer into a string. Is there anything in Java similar to the itoa() function in C? Answer: To convert a number (or in fact,

Scrolling a TDBMemo

Question: I work with large blobs and I would like that when I accessed them in the TDBMemo window they showed theyr final portion instead of their beginning. Is it

Getting the List of Valid Aliases at Runtime

Question: How can I load a list like a TComboBox Items property with the list of valid aliases at runtime? Answer: There are two ways to do this. The first

Using replaceText with MenuItems

Question: I created a UI for a selector guide using Frame, Menubar andMenuItems. I am having trouble writing the event handling; specifically, Ineed to see an example using replaceText when

Is there a SQL equivalent to Delphi’s Pos() function?

Question: Is there a SQL equivalent to Delphi’s Pos() function? Answer: You bet. It’s called the SUBSTRING function. Like the Pos function,the SUBSTRINGfunction in SQL will return a substring of

Displaying Scrolling List of Database Items

Question: I want to display a scrolling list of items from a database: product | description | manu | expiration | product | description | manu | expiration | product

How do I change Table Editor?

Question: When dragging and dropping fields from the table editor onto a form, the field text appears above the field. For the sake of faster development, is there any way

Delphi will not start after adding component

Question: *Delphi will not start anymore after adding component.*In Delphi 2.01 C/S after compiling a program and then changing the .DCL with Open Library or compiling a new component library

Resizing Spawned Browser Windows

Question: If I have an applet on one HTML page, I can useAppletContext() to cause a new HTML page to becreated. How do I control the size of the Netscapewindow

Can Browser Print Applet’s Output?

Question: I have written an applet that creates a graph from the resultsof a query of our Oracle database. The graph looks good in the browser(Netscape 3.0), but if I

Abort DialogBox using Delphi 2.0 on NT 3.51

Question: I created a simple abort dialog box with one button. During a long query I want to display my box so the user can abort. The dialog box creates

Making a Binary Executable

Question: Is there a way to make a binary executable from Java code? Answer: There are several stunts you could try in order to accomplish this,but they all cripple the

Including Random Numbers from Poisson in Application

Question: How can I include random numbers drawn from a Poissondistribution in my applications? There is only a Gaussian distribution in java.util.Random. Answer: Well, this one is a little off

How can I resize forms independent of screen resolution?

Question: How can I resize forms independent of screen resolution? Answer: The following code comes to us via Peter Jagielski, a formerBorland engineer, and myself. Peteris responsible for the SetSize

Non-portable Data Problem

Question: I’ve read, in several places, that Java sets bit-size and format for numeric representation internally. I can’t find anything that says Java also dictates how the data will be

Accessing Client Disk with 1.1

Question: I read(somewhere) that the Java spec. allows for applet access to the local diskin a restricted way. That is, the client should be able to specify adirectory on the

Applet Takes Up CPU Time

Question: I am trying to make an HTML page with many applets running concurrently.Unfortunately, an applet that I created uses up much of the CPU time andslows all the other