Controlling Execution Flow

Controlling Execution Flow

How do you command a button to go to another form, I put like follows:

Sub Double_Click ( ) GoTo form2   EndEnd Sub
Sub Double_Click ( ) Load form2   EndEnd Sub
BUT NONE OF THESE WORK! How do I just command it to go to another form? Can You Help:)

The Show routine is what you are looking for. You can’t really force what happens in a Windows application; however, by showing a form, you can push the user down a new path. Just say Form2.Show and the window will be loaded into memory and shown to the user. If you say Form2.Show 1 (number 1) the form will be shown modally, which means that the user has to do something to close the window before he can continue. Take a look at the help for the Show routine for more information.


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