Passing Parameters by Reference

Passing Parameters by Reference

I have a function in a DLL that I want to call from VB program. The Dll function has few parameters. Some of them should be passed from vb and some should be return from the dll. For example, I declared the function like Function(A1 as double,A2 as double,B1as double,B2 as string) as integer. Now, the parameters A1, A2, and B1 will be passed to the Dll wheras B2 is a string that should be return by the Dll. You know, calling the function in a way like dummy=Function(A1,A2,B1,B2) will make VB think that I’m passing B2 to the Dll like the other parameters. How can I get B2 back from the Dll ?

Take a look at the example using the GetPrivateProfileString API function. This one returns values in the different parameters passed to it. I don’t think VB worries about whether or not the parameters are getting filled or not.


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