Memory Limitations in List Box

I want to add a large amount of items to a list box ,3700 to be exact, and in the future the number of items could grow even more. The Problem is that when it reaches the 3000 itemsI get the “Out of Memory” Error. How can you overcome the listbox’s limit to adding files?

Unfortunately, the standard listbox is limited to 64k of data. However, if you check, I think there are several boxes that can hold much more data than that.However, this boils down to a design issue. Do you really want to make your enduser wade through a listbox with that many entries? Perhaps setting them up in a more heirarchal fashion would be better. This way, not only does your enduser have an easier way navigating to what he or she wants, but you get the benefit of only having to load a portion of the items at a time. This would enable you to greatly increase the total number of items you’re listing.

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