Embedding Variable Values

Embedding Variable Values

I am writing a program that searches a database and i am trying to use avariable for the WHERE clause. Can you Help me? here is an example:

Data1.RecordSource = “Select * from Movies where Movie = FindMovies”
FindMovies is my variable.

Try this:

Data1.RecordSource = “Select * from Movies where Movie = ‘” & FindMovies & “‘”
The variable value has to be in quotes when it gets to the database engine.Bear in mind that this will only work if there are no apostrophe’s nor pipe symbols (just with the Jet engine), in your FindMovies variable. You should parse through FindMovies and replace all occurences of an apostrophe with two apostrophes, e.g. Mr. Holland’s Opus would be passed to the SQL Server as Mr. Holland”s Opus.Any occurance of the pipe symbol should be replaced with a chr$(124). This would mean running your FindMovie variable through a routine that replaces one substring with another once each for the apostrophe and the pipe symbol.Lastly, it sometimes helps to put your entire query into one string before passing it. Something like:
Dim sqlQuery As StringsqlQuery =  “Select * from Movies where Movie = ‘” & FindMovies & “‘”Data1.RecordSource = squQuery

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