Databricks Previews Apache Spark 2.0

Databricks has released a technical preview of Apache Spark 2.0, which is available as part of the Databricks Community Edition cloud computing big data platform. Key features in Spark 2.0 include better SQL support, streamlined APIs, the second generation Tungsten engine, an improved Catalyst optimizer and the Structured Streaming API.

?Spark 2.0 builds on what we have learned in the past two years, doubling down on what users love and improving on what users lament,? blogged Reynold Xin, cofounder of Databricks. ?Whereas the final Apache Spark 2.0 release is still a few weeks away, this technical preview is intended to provide early access to the features in Spark 2.0 based on the upstream codebase. This way, you can satisfy your curiosity to try the shiny new toy, while we get feedback and bug reports early before the final release.?

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