Creating File Dialogs

Creating File Dialogs

I am a beginer in Visual Basic 3.0. I am trying to make a “Text Editor” program.Can you tell mehow to make “save” and “open” menus (using dialog box)I read two visual basic books and I could not find it anywhere.

The easiest way is to use the Common Dialog Control. This accesses the same common dialogs as any other Windows program (regardless of the language it’s written in).Here is an example of an “Open” dialog box.

   CommonDialog.DialogTitle = “Select Output File”   CommonDialog.Filter = “All Files(*.*)|*.*|HTML Files (*.htm)|*.htm”   CommonDialog.FilterIndex = 2   CommonDialog.CancelError = True   CommonDialog.Action = DLG_FILE_OPEN   fnGetFilename = CommonDialog.Filename
All of the properties are documented, assuming you have the Professional Edition (Pro or Enterprise edition in the case of VB 4).


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