Switching Databases/DAO Levels

Switching Databases/DAO Levels

How can I use Access 7.0 databases within my Visual Basic 4.0 Professional Application?Everytime I try to open such a database, I always get error messages.

I’m guessing that you recently converted an Access 2.0 database to 7.0 and changed your VB3 code to VB4. I’m also guessing that you haven’t changed any of the code for VB4. VB4 has all new data access objects and many of them are incompatible with VB3. However, Microsoft was smart enough to provide a migration path. In the Tools menu of VB4 select References. On the screen you will see an entry in the list box that says something like “DAO 2.5/3.0 compatibility.” Until you change your code to use the new VB4 data access functions, the compatibility library will let you use your old code with Access 7.0 databases.


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