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Putting Buttons on PictureBox

Question: My question is that I’m trying to put a command buttons in a picture box on MDI form (it’s a text editor). But it always keeps on givin’ me

Putting a ProgressBar on a StatusBar

Question: Both the ProgressBar and the StatusBar appear to be welcome additions to the VB controls set. But, while I have had to create each of the various built-in StatusBar

Changing Database Structure

Question: I’m using VB 3.0 to work with databases in the Jet 2.0 format. I expect it will be necessary to add new fields to the database sometime in the

Editing Forms Directly

Question: I want to present screens of text in an application. I plan to use label controls and would like to cut and paste the text from my word processor

Controlling Netscape

Question: I’m trying to write an application that loads URLs into the user’s web browser, but it’s based on the shell function and fires up a second Netscape window when

Calling a Form’s Subroutines

Question: How can I call another Form’s subroutine? Answer: Under VB3 you can’t call another form’s subroutine. If you need to do this, put the sub into a .BAS module.

Setting Windows Wallpaper

Question: I am trying to use the API call SystemParametersInfo to change the Windows wallpaper. It works great in a Borland C program I wrote, but doesn’t work in VB.

Disconnecting a Network Drive

Question: I understand how to connect a network drive using the WnetAddConnection API function; however, I do not know how to disconnect the network drive. How do I go about

Network Logon/Logoff Functions

Question: I am trying to create a VB program to log a useronto a workgroup (from a windows for workgroupsclient) and then map local drives and devices toa network resource.

Forcing List to Drop

Question: I have loaded a ComboBox with several items. When running, if I click on the down arrow the items will display in the drop down list box OK and

Printing Records

Question: I am writing a database program and I am using the JET DATABASE ENGINEI would like to know how to print records out of the DATABASE to my printer.

Passing to Functions

Question: Just started crunching similar code into functions. How do you pass an arguement to a function that references a control? It’s prob really simple eh? Answer: Here is an

Displaying Formatted Data

Question: I have defined a field as Double in my Table to store prices. Then I bound my database to a grid.I would like to display the contents of the

Multiple Simultaneous Table Inserts

Question: I am programming a multiple table database and can’t figure out to link each table together so that when a person is posting data to one table that the

Action was Cancelled Error

Question: I am developing a small database using the engine supplied with VB 4.0 Pro. When I try to update an entry, I get the following run-time error: “Run-Time Error

Creating Generic ToolTips Module

Question: I want to write a form module that is generic, that will give tooltips ability to any VB program. I need it to intercept mousemove messages so that it

Declaring DLL Functions

Question: A colleague wants to create a DLL using Borland C++ to callfrom Visual Basic 3.0 but she keeps getting an error message”Sub or Function Not Defined”.Do you know of

Breaking String into Bytes

Question: How can I convert a string with three individual bytes of data to different bytes? I am sending Data1,Data2,Data3 as String and I want to receive string and convert

Concatenation Functions

Question: I am using the ‘Execute’ to run an SQL statement.The sql is Microsoft SQL. The SQL is to ‘INSERT into table …SELECT …FROM TABLES…’. The select portion of the

Parsing an HTML File

Question: I am having problems parsing an HTML tag. This entry repeats hundreds of times in this file, but withdifferent names and addresses, etc.I need a routine that will search

Checking for MDI Children

Question: How do I know is there any MDIChild form opened? Because I want to disable the MDIForm’s toolbar editing items (cut, copy, paste) if all child forms are closed.

Creating a Rich Text Field

Question: How do I go about creating a RICH TEXT FIELD in VB ? Answer: This problem has been fixed in VB4…they included a rich textbox control. However, I don’t

Installable ISAM Errors

Question: I am trying to write an application which will provide the ability todynamically add or update tables in an Access .MDB database. Everything inthe application runs when I do

Creating Databases at Runtime

Question: I am designing an application that should be able to createnew databases in the specific format that it expects tosee. I have not seen anything anywhere on how to

Sharing Data Between Forms

Question: I have a VB app that uses multiple forms. On the first form, I entercustomer information. The other forms calculate the cost of my services tomy customer. I would

Managing Images in a Toolbar

Question: I’ve created a toolbar for an MDI app using a top-aligned panel and a number of image controls. When the user clicks on an “up” image, the image picture

Using Dir Function

Question: In a question off your list, you mentioned how to rename files given the same formatted extension.How would it be possible to do this to a different extention, e.g.

Writing DB Programs

Question: I am new to programing & was wondering if you can write database programs with VB or do you have to use a third party DB program like Access

Running 32 Bit Applications

Question: I tried running a “hello world” VB4 32bit program from Win32 in Windows 3.1 (on a machine that has VB3 Pro and not VB4), which caused the following errors:VBRUN40032.DLL

Passing Variants to Methods

Question: I’m trying to call a method on my ActiveX control from VBScript. The method has one input argument (a long) and three output arguments (doubles). I Dim variables for