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Masked Edit Control: Creating Input Masks

Question: Hi, I would like to know how to make input masks for a database program. I can do this in Access very easily, but unfortunately, I have to write

Embedding Double Quotes in Strings

Question: I was wondering if there is a way to use a set of quotes in a vb string. Answer: If you put two double quotes into your string, VB

Connecting Network Drives

Question: When I issue the command ‘NET USE’ in msdos, I get a message that a specific drive is disconnected, how can I connect that drive in VB? If I

Multicolored List Box

Question: I have an input file whose structure consists of a code forforeground color, a code for background color, and some text.I’d like to display the text in a scrollable

VB Decompiler

Question: Is there a decompiler for Visual Basic executables so that I can retrieve the original source code? Answer: Currently, there is only a decompiler for VB 3.0 and VB

Recognizing Tab Key

Question: I have a text box that updates a memo field in Access.I would like to give the users the ability to insert tabs.The KeyDown and Keypress will not recognize

Using SaveSetting in 16 Bit Environment

Question: I have problem with the statement “SaveSetting” in VB 4.0 16 bit. Answer: SaveSetting writes entries to the Registry, which is a Win95 32-bit feature. Under 16-bit VB and

Available Report Writers

Question: Is there a database query/report design tool with source code written in VB, that works reasonably fast. In addition to being relatively fast, the program would have to be

Creating a Sorted List

Question: I am creating a touch screen directory for a hospital. All of departments are listed in alphabetic order as a button which, when pressed displays a map of the

Checking for Cancel in Loop

Question: I have started using VB3 yesterday to do a small project. I use Access normally. I wish to set use one button to initiate a loop and another button

Available Network APIs

Question: I would like to know if I could obtain a listingof the functions in the netapi.dll file and howto declare them in VB. It would be mostappreciated. Answer: The

Highlighting Multiple Items in a ListView Control

Question: I’m creating an email application and I require the ability to highlightall the items in the ListView control (not just the first item) in thesame fashion as Microsoft Exchange

Declaring Variables as Object Types

Question: The version of VB doesn’t matter…anyway. How is it possible to create an object in vbscript if you can’t Dim something ‘As’ something? In creating a page, I am

Creating a Splash Screen

Question: I also want to know how to create a title screen, then give it a delay to wait load the program…sort of how windows loads (first you see the

Changing Date Format

Question: I am having trouble saving dates into an Access 1.1 DateTime field. The aplication I am writing is for the European market, so international dates are a problem as

Using Basic File Input/Output

Question: Do you know of any plans to include basic I/O in VBSCript ? I could make my site a lot more efficient if I could send a text file

Finding the End of a Word

Question: I am new to VB and must learn it by yesterday! I am working with text strings and must figure out how to pull words from a line by

Calculating Elapsed Time

Question: Do you know an algorithm that will give me the elapsed time froma beginning and end date/times (day:hh:mm:ss)? Answer: The DateDiff function, included with VB 3 and 4, will

Using Registry Editing Functions

Question: How do I get VB to edit the registry inruntime? Answer: The easiest way, assuming you’re in VB 4.0 and using Win95, is to use the GetSetting and SaveSetting

Checking for NULL Values

Question: When you read a string from a character field in a snapshot/dynaset you can append a pair of double quotes to protect yourself from “Type mismatch” errors, if the

Deleting Control Code

Question: How do I delete a control AND the corresponding code? Answer: When a control is deleted, the code is listed in the (general) section in the Procedures drop-down list

Detecting Combo Box List Retraction

Question: How would you detect the Retraction of a Combo Box Dropdown List in VB 4.0? I have asolution which claims to work under VB 3.0 andVB 2.0 using the

Copying Controls and Code

Question: Is there a way to easily copy all theevent code for a control from one form to another or even within thesame form. As an example I have a

Executing Programs Stored in Variables

Question: Is it possible to store a MS-DOS pathname in avariable, and run the program at that path withthe shell command? Answer: The Shell command can be given a string

Databound Providing Partial Matching

Question: I’m trying to create a DBCombo function on a form which operates similar to MS Access’s ComboBox. As the user types in an entry, character by character, the DBCombo’s

Printing to MS-DOS Window

Question: I would like to create a module that has no visual objects. It just prints to a MS-DOS window and then exits. Is this possible? Answer: Unfortunately, the only

Saving a Picture to Disk

Question: I am able to use the API call ExtractIcon to get an icon from a .VBX, .EXE, or .DLL. I can put the icon in a Picture Control, but

Changing RecordSource at Runtime

Question: At runtime, how do I change the query that I’m using with my data controls to be one a user selected? I don’t want to keep the same name

Accessing Properties

Question: How do you access a Public Property in a class module from an in-project module? For example:In a new project create one class module; “Class1” and one bas module;

Incompatible Version Errors

Question: I know that there is a fix needed in order to use VB 3.0 and Microsoft Access 2.0. I have downloaded the file COMLYR.EXE and have run it. I