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Panel Controls Not Painting Correctly

Question: I have a 3D Panel on a form that fills in incrementally when certain operations are run. I expect that the panel should be visible when the form appears

Using Global Variables as Counters

Question: I am trying to put a counter in my program which will keep track of how many times a command button is pressed.I know it is simple but I

Errors Using Microsoft Word 6.0

Question: When I edit my .RTF file in Microsoft Word 6.0, the help compiler gives me an error saying “This application has violated system integrity due to an invalid fault

Data Access Errors

Question: I’ve developed an application using VB4.0, but I can’t distribute it because the installed application breaks on any reference to dbEngine object.In my machine the application runs perfectly, but

Embedding Registration Information

Question: Is it possible to edit a VB3 executable at runtime, i.e. inserting Registered user name and serial number information into the executable so that it can come up when

Implementing Security

Question: I am looking for a easy way to implement security in a VB4 application with multiple users (100+). I would like to be able to enable/disable controls at login

Quote Syntax Error

Question: I’m trying to delete a set of records in a table attached to a data control by using an SQL statement like the following: MergeRec.Data1.Database.Execute “DELETE Patient Visit WHERE

PEEKing and POKEing in VB 3.0

Question: How I peek and poke on Visual Basic 3.0, or is there a replacement available for the INP/OUT functions? Answer: In my File Archives area, I have a file

Parsing Input File

Question: I am developing a VB3 app. I want to update an ACCESS 2.0 table weekly, in code, with a text file that is down-loaded from a VM mainframe. I

Using Drawing Methods From DLL

Question: I wanted to create a front end GUI panel using VB. This panel would have command buttons, and a picture box. When the user clicks on a command button,

Comparing Date-typed Variables

Question: How do I compare dates in VB? Also, how do I store dates into Access? I can’tget them into the right format. Answer: For comparison of dates, look up

Building an Open File Dialog

Question: I am a beginner programmer with VB 3.0 Standard Edition. I am not very familiar with the Common Dialog VBX (CMDIALOG.VBX). I am designing a Recipe Book program and

Detecting the Cancel Button

Question: In my “Save As” dialog box (from CMDIALOG.VBX), my OK button and Cancel button both save work. How do I recognize when the userpresses the Cancel button? Answer: One

Showing as 3D

Question: I need a 3D bound text box control so I can avoid having to place standard text boxes in 3D panels for a chiseled effect. I have been unable

Using Seek Method

Question: I am currently migrating my VB/Access application to Microsoft SQL Server. However, the “SEEK” function in my old program does not work any more and I can not find

Exiting and Restarting Windows

Question: I am currently writing and testing an installation program which will soon be distributed. During the this process, I edit the SYSTEM.INI file. Most Windows software willallow you to

Using Field Names With Spaces

Question: I have an established Access v2.0 database with fields intables named “Circuit ID”, for example. How can I use VB v3.0 to query this database without changing all references

Creating a Login Window

Question: I have been attempting to write some code that acceptsinfo from text boxes labeled “Login” and “Password.”I then need to check the password up to x amount of timesbefore

Painting as 3D

Question: How do I use 3D effects on message boxes and common dialogs? Answer: Here is the code you need, in the form of two simple functions. Please note that

Copying a File

Question: How do I write VB code to copy one file to another? Answer: You can either use the FileCopy Visual Basic command, or use the method outlined elsewhere in

Creating a Window With No Title Bar

Question: How do you control whether the window title bar is visible or not visible on each form when the application is running? Answer: If you set the caption to

Loading Bitmaps

Question: I am having trouble transferring a bitmap that I loaded withthe LoadBitmap call from a resource to a picturebox. Howdo I do that? Answer: The LoadBitmap call returns you

Communication Between Forms

Question: I have two forms. There is a combo box on Form1 and a list box on Form2. Form1 has functions to add and delete names from the combo box.

Getting Entries from INI Files

Question: I want to read the MSMAIL.INI file to get information for my program when it starts, and write information there when the program is terminated. I am looking at

Getting Windows Directory

Question: How do I determine the Windows directory? Answer: The API call to use is “GetWindowsDirectory”. The Declare statement is listed in the the Windows 3.1 API help and the

FRX Files

Question: Could you (easily) please tell me what .FRX files are in VB?I’d be forever grateful. Answer: FRX Files are displayed in Windows 95 as Visual Basic Form Stash Files.

Using Recordset Object

Question: I added records to a list box using the datacontrol. Now I would like to use the list1_dblclick procedure to access the recorddblclicked and use it. I know there

Parsing String for E-Mail Address

Question: I semi-understand InStr, however, lets say I am trying to parse e-mail addresses and test for “@”. How do I find my way to the beginning and end of

Exiting Windows

Question: How can I make my program totally exit Windows? When the user hits “Quit Windows”, I want Windows to exit. Answer: Use the ExitWindows API function. The declare statement

Deleting a Record from the DBListBox

Question: How do I delete a record with the data I’ve selectedin a DBListBox (VB4.0). If I use the e.g. Findfirst command I get the message:“The action was cancelled by