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Playing WAV Files

Question: How can I play WAV or MID files through Visual Basic? Answer: Use the MSMCI.VBX, provided with VB/Win Pro 3.0. You can also declare and call the MM-functions manually:Declare

Pausing After Dialing

Question: How do you pause after dialing a phone number ? I want to be able to dial a pager number and then pause 3 -5 seconds before sending the

Getting all Filenames

Question: I am using VB4.0 Pro (16 bit) in WFWG and need to read entire directory of files, one after the other, without using the common dialog control. Answer: Look

Searching for Text

Question: Can you help to create code for searching a word in a text box Answer: Let’s say that Text1 is your search criteria (word) and Text2 is the text

Keeping a Window on Top

Question: Is there a method of keeping a window “on top” similar tothe Microsoft Office toolbar and various other applications.I need to be able to have a form iconized, then

Illegal SetFocus Call

Question: Sometimes when I call Text1.SetFocusit returns me an “Illegal function call” error. Any idea why? Answer: Normally, if the Form is not visible, you can’t call SetFocus to it.

Binding a Data Control to a Returned Recordset

Question: Is there a way to pass a recordset from an OLE server to anOLE client? I suspect so. Can we bind thepassed recordset to a client data control? Seems

Creating 3D Forms

Question: I have been successfully using the CTL3DV2.DLL to make 3D message boxes and common dialogs, but I have not been able to get it to work with standard VB

Two VB Instances, Only One Visible

Question: I am running my VB application on Novel 3.12 file server. When application is running it shows to 2 instances of programon file server console: for example if application

Cancelling a Window During Load

Question: Supposing that in Form_Load I determine that I wish to cancel the load of the form (so that nothing is in memory and nothing is displayed to the user).

Interpreting Command-Line Arguments

Question: How can I interpret the command line arguments for a .EXEcreated with VB ? Answer: The Command$ variable contains the arguments that were on the command line when a

Programming a Network-Enabled Application

Question: I have a application developed by VB 3.0(prof) and Access 1.1 withinVB. I use a lot of dynaset objects in the program. Now I want to transferit to a

Using DISTINCT Clause

Question: I have a Access table and I want to pull from that table one of each type and place it into a combo box using SQL. How can I

Controlling Size of Form

Question: How do I control the size of a form? Answer: Either set it at design time, or use the Width, Height, Top, and Left properties to set the form

Exiting Program after Windows Close

Question: Just recently I noticed that if I close my app while it is minimized, the app seems to be left in memory and is still recognized by Windows as

Supported Graphics Formats

Question: What graphic file formats does VB support? Does it support the GIF format? Answer: Visual Basic supports the Windows Bitmap (.BMP), the Windows Icon (.ICO), and the Windows Metafile

Incorrect Number of Event Arguments

Question: I am getting the error: INCORRECT NUMBER OF EVENT PROCEDURE ARGUMENTS. This has been occuring ever since I created a control array of command buttons. I have to complete

Panel Controls Not Painting Correctly

Question: I have a 3D Panel on a form that fills in incrementally when certain operations are run. I expect that the panel should be visible when the form appears

Using Global Variables as Counters

Question: I am trying to put a counter in my program which will keep track of how many times a command button is pressed.I know it is simple but I

Errors Using Microsoft Word 6.0

Question: When I edit my .RTF file in Microsoft Word 6.0, the help compiler gives me an error saying “This application has violated system integrity due to an invalid fault

Data Access Errors

Question: I’ve developed an application using VB4.0, but I can’t distribute it because the installed application breaks on any reference to dbEngine object.In my machine the application runs perfectly, but

Embedding Registration Information

Question: Is it possible to edit a VB3 executable at runtime, i.e. inserting Registered user name and serial number information into the executable so that it can come up when

Implementing Security

Question: I am looking for a easy way to implement security in a VB4 application with multiple users (100+). I would like to be able to enable/disable controls at login

Quote Syntax Error

Question: I’m trying to delete a set of records in a table attached to a data control by using an SQL statement like the following: MergeRec.Data1.Database.Execute “DELETE Patient Visit WHERE

PEEKing and POKEing in VB 3.0

Question: How I peek and poke on Visual Basic 3.0, or is there a replacement available for the INP/OUT functions? Answer: In my File Archives area, I have a file

Parsing Input File

Question: I am developing a VB3 app. I want to update an ACCESS 2.0 table weekly, in code, with a text file that is down-loaded from a VM mainframe. I

Using Drawing Methods From DLL

Question: I wanted to create a front end GUI panel using VB. This panel would have command buttons, and a picture box. When the user clicks on a command button,

Comparing Date-typed Variables

Question: How do I compare dates in VB? Also, how do I store dates into Access? I can’tget them into the right format. Answer: For comparison of dates, look up

Building an Open File Dialog

Question: I am a beginner programmer with VB 3.0 Standard Edition. I am not very familiar with the Common Dialog VBX (CMDIALOG.VBX). I am designing a Recipe Book program and

Detecting the Cancel Button

Question: In my “Save As” dialog box (from CMDIALOG.VBX), my OK button and Cancel button both save work. How do I recognize when the userpresses the Cancel button? Answer: One