Deleting a Record from the DBListBox

Deleting a Record from the DBListBox

How do I delete a record with the data I’ve selectedin a DBListBox (VB4.0). If I use the e.g. Findfirst command I get the message:

“The action was cancelled by an associated object.”
Would it be possible to use “SelectedItem” or “Bookmark”. If, then how?

Since the DBListBox is the data source for the list, you can look at the Data.Recordset property, and use it like a Dynaset. For instance, if you wanted to delete the record from your box that had the word “Lego” from a field named “Name”, you could do the following:

Data.Recordset.FindFirst “Name = ‘Lego'”Data.Recordset.Delete
That should work without any problems.

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