Closing a Data Control

Closing a Data Control

I am using the data control through the Standard Version of Visual Basic 4.0. The data control is linked to a table in our database and when I try to repair the database I get an error that the database is still open. I tried closing the database with DATA1.DATABASE.CLOSE but it didn’t work. According to the manual, if you close all forms with data control object it should close the database. I also tried repairing the database upon loading the first form and have had no luck here either. The only time I have seemingly been able to repair a database is when I open one database and then repair a different database within a form. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks again!

Try Unloading the form with the data control. You can’t manually close a data control, but it should close if the form is Unloaded. Hide won’t do it, since the form is actually still running, just not visibly.


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