Building an Open File Dialog

Building an Open File Dialog

I am a beginner programmer with VB 3.0 Standard Edition. I am not very familiar with the Common Dialog VBX (CMDIALOG.VBX). I am designing a Recipe Book program and I need to find out how to open files, retrieve data from them, and save data the user enters in. Any help would be appreciated.

Make sure you have the CONSTANT.TXT file added to your project. This dialog box requires the user to select an existing file, and the read only box is hidden. The title of it is “Select Database File”, and the filters available are database files (*.mdb) and all files (*.*). The starting filter you want is the second one (*.mdb). If the user presses Cancel, you will get a trappable error indicating this. All of the CommonDialog properties are documented in the VB help file, but this will get you started.

   CommonDialog.Flags = OFN_FILEMUSTEXIST + OFN_HIDEREADONLY   CommonDialog.DialogTitle = “Select Database File”   CommonDialog.Filter = “All Files(*.*)|*.*|Database Files (*.mdb)|*.mdb”   CommonDialog.FilterIndex = 2   CommonDialog.CancelError = True   CommonDialog.Action = DLG_FILE_OPEN


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