Using Seek Method

Using Seek Method

I am currently migrating my VB/Access application to Microsoft SQL Server. However, the “SEEK” function in my old program does not work any more and I can not find any function to replace that.

Somewhere in your code you used one of the Find methods when you were looking through your database. If you are using ODBC to connect to SQL Server, Find methods are not allowed on recordsets created from ODBC databases. The workaround is just to Move through a snapshot/recordset and compare your search criteria against each record. Here is an example:

   Dim ssData as Snapshot   Set ssData = DB.CreateSnapshot(“table_name”)   Do While Not ssData.EOF       If ssData(“FieldName”) = “criteria” Then         MsgBox “Found record in recordset”         Exit Do      End If      ssData.MoveNext   Loop
The other, probably much faster, way to perform the same action is to query the database with a SQL statement, such as “SELECT * FROM table WHERE field=criteria”


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