Loading Bitmaps from Database Values

Loading Bitmaps from Database Values

I am in the process of building an application where I needa grid of small graphics (icons or BMPs) in an array situation.When the user clicks on one graphic it can change to a differenticon depending on the situation. The graphic also must be relatedto a data record in an access 2.0 database. I am stumped to thinkof the most efficent way to do this. The grid size needs to be userdefined.

Why not just store a number or tag of some sort of array, and when you need to change pictures, look at the tag to figure out which picture to load. The pictures can be preloaded on the form and made invisible. Then, when you need to set the picture, you can just set the picture property equal to the one on the form. You can use this tag or ID to tie into your database, as well.


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