Enterprise Resource Planning: Top ERP System Examples

enterprise resource planning

One of the most important skills for any modern business is the ability to successfully integrate technology. With so many massive improvements in technology and software capabilities, these resources must be used efficiently in your business. This is where ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, systems come into play. ERP systems have been around for decades, but technological improvements have made them more vital than ever before.

What are enterprise resource planning systems? Why should my business use an ERP system? What are some of the top ERB systems currently?

In this article, we will dive into all of these questions and provide some of our top enterprise resource planning systems for your business.

What are Enterprise Resource Planning Systems?

If you aren’t familiar, enterprise resource planning systems are software programs that businesses and companies use to manage daily tasks and activities. Enterprise resource systems are used to connect and integrate multiple different systems into one secure and manageable location. Some examples of functions performed by ERP systems include; accounting, human resources, logistics, marketing, advertising, supply and distribution, budgeting, and much more.

Along with managing all of these different aspects, ERP systems are used to help predict and plan for the future. Companies analyze and evaluate the data gathered from the ERP system to help with decision-making. ERP has become one of the most rapidly growing IT fields not only nationally, but worldwide.

Why Should My Business Use an ERP System?

As aforementioned, ERP systems have become an invaluable tool for businesses across the globe. By organizing all of the various programs into one system, companies can accurately collect and asses valuable information all in one location. Furthermore, ERP systems provide a secure location to access this information. Without using an ERP system businesses run the risk of potential data breaches and data duplication.

In the past, enterprise resource planning systems required costly hardware installations and massive IT departments. Now, with the help of cloud services these services have become cheaper and more efficient to install and maintain. ERP systems not only integrate all of your business systems into one convenient location but also help to connect your internal operations to partners located anywhere around the world. In the modern world, it is an absolute necessity to make use of ERP systems in your business.

What Are Some of the Top ERP Systems Currently?

  • SAP ERPThe ERP service from SAP is one of the top resource planning systems for large organizations. Users have the option to try out SAP with a free trial before evaluating it for further use. One of the biggest advantages of using SAP’s enterprise resource planning system is the custom application development service. Along with that SAP features a skilled and highly accessible remote tech support program.
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365  Dynamics 365 is the ERP system coming from Microsoft. This system is a great option for any company running Microsoft or Windows programming as it offers seamless integration. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is great for tracking and analyzing sales and guiding decision-making for the future. Microsoft Dynamics has great tools to help with finances, marketing, commerce, sales, and more.
  • Oracle Netsuite –  Recently acquired by Oracle, Netsuite is one of the best ERP systems available on the market today. Netsuite has a wide array of functions to help with finances, budgets, HR, and decision-making. One of the biggest advantages of Netsuite is its easy scalability. Companies can increase or decrease the quantity/quality of their services easily based on what is needed at that current period in time.
  • Sage Intacct –  Last but not least is the ERP system from Sage. Sage Intacct is an ideal option for small to mid-sized businesses. Users can try a free 30-day trial before making any payments for the Sage ERP system. The primary functions of Sage Intacct are accounting and finance, but it also offers services for order and inventory management, and time and resource management. Sage Intacct is a great flexible option for businesses that are diving into ERP services for the first time.

Conclusion: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

ERP systems are a tool used by businesses worldwide in order to consolidate and integrate multiple software programs into one location. This provides a secure access point for data that helps to eliminate risks of duplication or data breaches. ERP systems are invaluable for any business no matter the size. It helps guide decision-making and provides valuable resources and tools to help with data analysis. In the past, these systems required costly hardware installation and large departments dedicated to maintaining them. Now, thanks to cloud services these systems are more efficient and accessible than ever before. There is a large number of great ERP systems available today. Research and decide which system best suits the needs of your business.

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