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Accessing the VB ActiveX DLL Through VC++6.0
by JothiMurugeswaran Selvaraj
Use the following steps to access the VB ActiveX DLL through VC++6.0.
Registering ActiveX Files
by Ita Taka
Find out an easy way to register ActiveX files.
Register ActiveX Files Using the Mouse
by Matthew Hanna
Saving a MSChart image to file
by Alessandro Piana
To save to file the graph generated by a MSChart control, you must use the control
ASP components and WebClasses may not print correctly
by Francesco Balena
Printing is one of the things that you can't do directly from withing ASP: to have a printout of your data from ASP you must instantiate a COM component - either a custom component, a WebClass, or a commercial COM server such as Microsoft Word or Excel - and print from there. However, even if ...
Trapping DHTML events from the WebBrowser control
by Francesco Balena
You can host the WebBroweser in a Windows Forms application, similarly to what you can do with any other ActiveX control. You just need to right-click on the control toolbox, select the Customize Toolbox menu command, select the Microsoft Web Browser control from the list of available controls, ...
Use Objects Directly Within Collections
by Ian Fenton
If you use collections in your apps, you
Understanding interface marshaling
by Enrico Sabbadin
There is quite a lot of misunderstanding among COM newbies about what really happens when a COM interface is passed as a method parameter. As in most of the cases, VB programmers are protected from a lot of details on the COM run-time, but you do have to know such details if you want to ...
IsComDll - Check whether a DLL is a self-registering COM server
by Francesco Balena
Check whether a DLL is an COM self-registering server
Obtain the Text in a Window with the Handle of a Form
by John T.
This is useful in gathering the title information of the forms for your program or other programs. You retrieve the information and display it for your user or use it to gather program ...
Combine Default attribute with other attributes
by Francesco Balena
When building an ActiveX control, you can set a default property or method using the Procedure Attributes dialog box, after clicking on the Advanced button. However, if your default property also happens to require another special attribute - as is the case with Caption and Text p
Trim the Contents of the Text Box
by Narender Saraswati
This tip will trim the contents in the input box of an HTML page using java script. Call the Trim function by sending the Textbox element as the parameter. ...
Let the user add tab characters to a RichTextBox control
by Marco Bellinaso
If a form contains a RichTextBox control and other controls that are capable to receive the input focus, when the focus is on the RichTextBox and the user presses the Tab key to add a space, the focus will be moved to the following control in the tab order, and the tab character won't be added. ...
SetRichTextBoxWordWrap - Set the WordWrap style of a RichTextBox control
by Marco Bellinaso
Enable/Disable the WordWrap style of a RichTextBox control Example: Private Sub Check1_Click() SetRichTextBoxWordWrap RichTextBox1, (Check1.Value = vbChecked) End Sub
Creating Controls through Coding
by Zeeshan Yousaf
This tip is useful for when you are going to make software with a huge facility in which users will have rights to create their own database fields. When a user creates a field in a database, it ...
Use a Variable When Loading Controls in A Control Array
by Andreas Hillqvist
Using a variable when loading a control in a control array simplifies the code and makes it run faster.
Debugging ActiveX EXE Components
by Peter Luo
Debugging ActiveX EXE components is different from debugging ActiveX DLL components, and a bit more difficult. Here is how to do it: ...
GetFileFromCLSID - The file that implements a COM component with given CLSID
by Francesco Balena
Get the name of the DLL or EXE that contains the class whose CLSID is passed as an argument Note: Remote servers aren't taken into account
GetFileFromProgID - The file that implements a COM component with given ProgID
by Francesco Balena
Get the name of the DLL or EXE that contains the class whose ProgID is passed as an argument Remote servers aren't taken into account NOTE: Requires GetRegistryValue
Displaying a Pop-Up Window From the ADODC
by Michael Goligorsky
This tip describes how to display the little window that pops up when you press the custom button on the ADODC. You
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