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ActiveX - Page 4

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Dynamically bind a DataList or DataCombo control to an ADO Recordset
by Francesco Balena
When dynamically changing the bound ADORecordset for a DataCombo or DataList control, the order you follow when assigning the properties is important. This is the correct sequence of operations to perform to change the bound recordset for these controls: ' unbind the current ...
Visual FoxPro 6 and Microsoft Word Tables
by DevX Pro
How can I make a table in a Microsoft Word document through OLE Automation from VFP? I investigated with the Visual Basic editor and I can't find how to do it. Could you give me more information?
Direct Response to Another Frame on a Page
by DevX Pro
I have a page broken into two frames. Frame A has a form. I would like the response from the form directed to Frame B. Right now, my response from A's action is being written into A.
Mark Server Components for Unattended Execution
by Deepak Pant
You should always mark your VB server components for
Design and Implement COM Server Objects So They Are As Small As Possible
by Jai Bardhan
COM server-side objects must be as small as possible. If the server objects are small, their load time will be short and the client will experience a good response time from the server. Remember that ...
Try to Implement COM Server Objects As In-Process If Possible
by Jai Bardhan
COM objects can be implemented either in-process or local. The former is implemented as a DLL and runs in the same process space as the client. They become a part of the client program when loaded. ...
Dual Procedure IDS
by Chuck Liem
When using VB to create a new ActiveX control with a Caption or Text property, you can set the corresponding Procedure ID to cause the Property Browser to update the property value with each ...
Don't include Extender properties in ActiveX Wizard
by Francesco Balena
The left-most listbox in the first page in the ActiveX Control Interface Wizard includes all the properties exposed by the constituent controls currently on the UserControl's surface. Unfortunately, this list includes Extender properties, methods, and events, which should be never added ...
by DevX Pro
After I compile my DLL in VB and run the component through IIS, I cannot recompile the DLL and I get a file locking error. I am using VB6 and NT 4.
MDI Forms and DLL
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to host an MDI form from an ActiveX DLL in a Main application's MDI Parent Form?
Expose Multiuse Classes in ActiveX Control Projects
by Russell Davis
A lesser-known, new feature in VB6 is the ability to have MultiUse and GlobalMultiUse classes within an ActiveX control project. This is useful if you have ActiveX controls and creatable classes you ...
Using IObjectControl COM Interface of Component Class Factory
by Jai Bardhan
IObjectControl is the second COM interface (besides the COM interface IObjectContext) of the component class factory, as stored in MTS when the component is installed. This interface is useful for ...
ActiveX Control to read URL properties
by DevX Pro
I have a VB database application that, when I pass a unique id to a client object, opens that record (this explanation is simplified). I have to write an ActiveX control of some type that accepts a URL, so I can parse out what I need and pass it to the control—which then calls my database application. I need it to be a client-side control because my database app runs on the client. The reason for passing the record id as a URL is that the message is generated on a seperate server and is mailed to the user. So, what do I need to do to enable an ActiveX control to see the URL that called it (and is it possible to parse out the contents of the URL)? My other thought was to create parameters on the control and set them when the page is called, but I don't know how to do that.
Debugging an MTS component in Visual Basic 6.0
by Jai Bardhan
To debug an MTS component in Visual Basic 6.0, make sure that the MTSTransactionMode property on MTS Objects (VB 6.0 Classes) is set to a value other than 0-NotAnMtsObject. When F5 is hit to begin ...
Construct Shortcut to an Interface
by Matthew Janofsky
hen using a class that implements an interface, it can be frustrating to have to create two variables to reference all the properties of both the interface class and the implemented class. For ...
MTS and Passing Direct Reference
by Jai Bardhan
MTS objects clients should never have access to unsafe references. A client application should never be passed a direct reference to an MTS object. Once such a reference is passed outside the ...
Pass Arguments by Reference with in-process OLE Servers
by Jai Bardhan
When passing arguments to in-process OLE servers, you can pass everything by reference. This is because the OLE server shares its client
MTSTransactionMode in Visual Basic 6.0
by Jai Bardhan
Each MTS component can contain one or more classes which, in MTS terms, are referred to as MTS Objects. Visual Basic 6.0 provides a new property called MTSTransactionMode that can be used to set the ...
Registering COM Components (*.dll) and Type Libraries (*.tlb)
by Deepak Pant
In order to run this tech tip you need following ...
View Information Stored in Type Libraries
by Deepak Pant
You can use this method to view all the CoClasses, and Interfaces present in ...
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