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How to Hide a ContextMenu
by Boris Eligulashvili
Find out how to hide a ContextMenu.
The VS.NET 2003 DateTimePicker Control's Default Value
by Boris Eligulashvili
In some cases, the results of the use of the DateTimePicker control can be confused. This especially happens when the control has been implicitly initialized. This tip describes what you can do to avoid confusion.
Use Java to Extract All the Name-value Pairs from a URL
by Elayaraja David
Find out how to use Java to extract all the name-value pairs from a URL.
Managing the Form Flow in J2ME
by Alejandro Parodi
To manage form flow, the first thing you need to do is create a singleton class with static methods.
Using Pixels in WinForms .NET
by Michel Posseth
This tip shows you a way to use pixels as a replacement for twips in your WinForms. This is especially handy for people who still need to use twips ocassionally (like, for Crystal Reports, etc.).
Post to Another .aspx Page
by Santhi Maadhaven
ASP.NET pages post back to themselves—even if you place the action attribute in the <form> tag. Read about two workarounds for this problem.
Connect to SQL Server Using ADODB Retrieving Records
by Yatin Karekar
This tip will show you how to connect to SQL Server using ADODB Retrieving Records using Record Set and connecting it to Crystal Reports.
Use CausesValidation to Prevent Unwanted Validation Checks
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Setting CausesValidation=False to the appropriate control prevents those pesky validation checks that occur for every postback.
Create and Execute Web Links with the LinkLabel Control
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
Learn how to easily create makes with the LinkLabel control.
Visual Inheritance with C#
by Boris Eligulashvili
Microsoft VS.NET provides design-time support for form inheritance. A derived form can be added to your solution by right-clicking on your project in the Solution Explorer window and choosing "Add..." and then "Add Inherited Form…" from the context menu.
Deselect All Items in a ListView Control
by Suresh Lale
Use this code to deselect all items in a ListView control.
Restrict Users to Launching Only One Instance of an Application
by Vimal Kanth
Use this code to restrict users to launching only one instance of an application.
Synchronize Color Changes Between Controls in a Windows Form
by Juli Jorgensen
Learn how to bind Windows Forms controls to each other can reduce the code and logic needed to synchronize color changes between controls in a Windows Form.
How to Set Topmost Forms
by Patrick Marshall
This tip explains how to use Topmost forms and shares some workarounds for some of their usage problems.
Code for Setting Windows Desktop Wallpaper in VB 2005
by Jay Roxe
This code sets the Windows desktop wallpaper to an arbitrary image on the user's local drive. It illustrates use of VB2005 "My" classes, in this case to find the location of the user's My Pictures directory without a lot of coding.
Execute Form Processing Code Without the BODY Tag
by Michael Sanchez
This JavaScript function allows you to execute form processing code once the page load event was fired without access to the BODY tag.
Determine Whether a Combobox Is Being Loaded
by David Acree
Use the ComboBox Created Property to determine if a combobox is being loaded or not.
Funk Up Your Forms with Fading
Funk Up Your Forms with Fading
GetSelectedRadioButtonValue - Retrieving the value of the selected RadioButton
by Marco Bellinaso
Return the Tag value of the selected RadioButton from the input array of controls. This is useful when you have many radio buttons, with a value associated to each one, and want to select the value of the checked option. Instead of writing something like this: If RadioButton1.Checked Then
Use GDI to Draw on Top of Other Windows
by Paul Marinescu
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