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String Manipulation - Page 4

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Using the ostream_iterator()
by Saurabh Ramya
This iterator works in conjunction with STL algorithms, allowing you to perform a variety of actions besides merely reading the elements of a container.
Return Content When You Pass a URL to the Server
by N Sharath
This code shows how you can use the WebClient method to return content as a string.
Allow Unrestricted Use of Quotes and Apostrophes in User Input
by Hercules Gunter
This simple filtering technique allows unrestricted use of quotes and apostrophes, and can help guard against many SQL injection attacks to boot.
Determine Whether a String is a base64encoded
by Keyur Kalaria
This function checks to see whether a string is a base64encoded. It returns TRUE if the string is a base64encoded. Otherwise, it returns FALSE.
Retrieve a Concatenated String from One Column of a Table Without Using the Cursor
by Rohit K. Gupta
This tip offers step-by-step instructions on how to use string aggregation to retrieve a concatenated string from one column of a table without using the cursor
Count the Number of Occurrences of a String Within a String
by Chris Farmer
This tip provides code for counting the occurences of a string within a string.
Generate a String of Specified Characters and of Desired Length
by Srikanth Seshadri
This tip shares a function you can use to generate a string of specified characters and of desired length.
Convert the Filesize in a Number into String Format
by Budhabhatti Mitesh
Use this code to convert the filesize in a number into string format.
Faster String Processing
Faster String Processing
Handling a Final Empty Parameter
Handling a Final Empty Parameter
How to Reference a Control with a String Like a Name
by Armando Antonio Dasilva
Build Output Using the Ant <tstamp/> Task
by David Howard
Splitting a string into substrings when the separator is not a single char
by Marco Bellinaso
The String type has an instance method, Split, that splits the instance string into an array of substrings. The problem with this method is that it can only use single characters as a separator, not a string. What if you separator is "{tab}---{tab}" or something else? It turns out that also the ...
ExtractFirstAndLastName - Extracting the first/last name from a string will the full name
by Marco Bellinaso
Extract the first and last name from a string will the full name. The routine handles the "LastName, FirstName" and "FirstName LastName" formats, and returns the first and last name with byref output parameters. Example: Dim firstName, lastName As String ExtractFirstAndLastName("Marco", ...
GetRandomPassword - Generating a random password with the specified length
by Marco Bellinaso
Generate a random password with the specified length. The password will only contain digits and letters (either lowercase or uppercase) Example: generating a password of 8 chars Dim password As String = GetRandomPassword(8)
Replace All Occurrences of One String with Another String
by Patrick Tighe
ScrambleWords - Scrambling the words of the input string
by Marco Bellinaso
Scramble the words of the input string Note: requires the ArrayShuffle routine Example: Dim text As String = "This is a test string for the ScrambleWords function" Debug.WriteLine(ScrambleWords(text))
PrintF - Transforming template strings
by Jeff Hill
This VB6 function returns a string with a set of parameters replaced with variables, similar to the C function printf().
ReplaceChar - A faster version of VB6's Replace function, for single-char replacements
by Andrew Osmond
This is a replacement for the "Replace" function provided by VB6, though for single character replacements only. The speed difference varies, depending on how many characters it needs to replace / the length of the string, but the ReplaceChar function has been found to go from approximately 1.3 ...
Use the Count Algorithm to Perform Simple Validation on Strings
by Greg McClure
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