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Like Operator Workaround for VBScript
by Oracy
Language: Web||Expertise: Intermediate
A Quick Way to Display Text from a Database in ASP
by Ken Pendergast
This tip can help you save time when you want to display text from a database in ASP.
Display All the Subfolders Within a Folder Using VBscript
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
Find out how to use VBscript's Filesystemobject to list all the subfolders in a folder.
Partially Optional Function Parameters in VBScript 5.0+
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
Did you know that VBScript doesn't require you to provide all of a function's parameters when you call it? Learn how to use this feature with this tip.
Allow Unrestricted Use of Quotes and Apostrophes in User Input
by Hercules Gunter
This simple filtering technique allows unrestricted use of quotes and apostrophes, and can help guard against many SQL injection attacks to boot.
Launch a Process with the WshShell Exec Method
by Stephane Courcy-Poitras
The WshShell Exec method can be used to launch a process. This function uses it to launch a command line and return it's output, with a timeout parameter.
Extracting Parameters from a File Using Regular Expressions
by Stephane Courcy Poitras
Learn how to extract parameters from a file using regular expressions.
Use the Immediate If Function in VBScript
by Conrad Sollitt
A VBScript Function that Emulates the VB IIf()
by Ralph Willgoss
Format Strings in Proper Case
by Brian Egras
Take a Quick Look at a File
by Steve Worley
A Shortcut to Writing Basic HTML Tags
by Devington B.
A VBScript Hit Counter
by Stephen Solberg
I created this Hit Counter to keep track of the use of our Company Intranet. On the SQL Server (in our case MSSQL 7), you will need to have a table named Hit_list_tbl with the columns row_id ...
VBScript Function That Escapes an Entire SQL String
by Kevin Swarts
The following is a VBScript function that will escape an entire SQL string, not just individual field values. This is so that ' becomes '' when it's supposed to. The code can be easily converted ...
Use Recursion to Simplify Object Deletion Using ADSI and VBScript
by John Lathrop
An object in a Netscape Directory Server can only be deleted if it is a terminal node. This restriction causes the writing of source code to delete an object and all of the object's children in ...
Proper Casing of a Word
by DevX Pro
How do I pick out the first letter in a word and convert it to an uppercase?
Calling a Procedure with a Variable
by DevX Pro
How can I dynamically build a procedure call string and then get it to execute? Ex. Dim action as String action = "proc(param1,param2)" call action I know this does not work. Is there a way to do this that will work?
Convert Unix Dates to Readable Format
by Andrew Holliday
Unix systems keep dates in a single number format that represents the ...
Prevent Confusion Between IsNULL and IsEmpty in VBScript
by Andrew Holliday
When you deal with unknown return values or variant variables whose types might be unknown, you may not know whether the value of the variable is an EMPTY string or a NULL value. In ...
Stack Recordset Returns
by Manoj K.
If you're getting a bunch of data for an ASP page, you can retrieve all the data through a single stored procedure and through a single call. Here's what your stored procedure might look like: ...
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