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Visual Basic For Applications (vba)

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Passing Strings Between Delphi DLL and VBA
by Romeo Besas
Unlike other routines, this one doesn't need to pass the length of the returned string for later Trimming in VBA.
Converting Numbers to Column Names in Excel 2007
by John P.
While converting to Excel 2007, I had to update the column number to string code in my program to handle columns of 703 and above (AAA). I found Yassine Moe's code and "simplified" it. This tip shows the results.
Count the Number of Cells Containing a Specified String in a Worksheet
by Alistair Evans
Simply insert this function into a module to count the number of cells with a specified string in a worksheet.
Convert Numbers to Excel Column Names
by Yassine Moe
This algorithm converts column numbers (1-x) to Excel column names.
Using VBA in Access 97 Development
by Jeff LeClair
When developing Access 97 applications using VBA, you may have problems porting your application to other computers. Run time errors can occur from basic VBA commands, especially when rolling ...
Change Access Passthrough Query Definition
by Venkat Alladi
When the SQL SERVER is used as the database, and Access is the front-end application, this tip can help to dynamically change the Access pass through query definition. This enables one to pull ...
Dynamically Change the Access Passthrough Query Definition
by Venkat Alladi
This is a useful tip if you are using SQL Server as your database and ...
Determing Empty Tables or Queries in MS Access
by Jerry Flores
You can determine whether an Access table or query, accessed via RECORDSET OBJECT, contains any record by examining the boolean type ...
Streamline Math in VBA
by Peter Gottlieb
It's possible to streamline some calculation procedures in Excel and add calculation capabilities that don't exist in Word. Unfortunately, most textbooks on VB for Office 97 are focused on ...
Zap Expired Docs
by Dorin Dehelean
This VBA Microsoft Word routine purges a document when it's opened after a predefined expiration date. I've only tested this macro with Word ...
Clear Out Data When Unloading Forms
by Patrick O'Brien
When unloading a form, use the following piece of code behind a ...
Debugging Using the Query TopValues Property
by Stan Mlynek
I speed up the debugging of applications with queries that return large record sets by using Access 95 to temporarily set the TopValues within the query stored in the MDB. VB4 cannot get at the ...
Not all Templates are Created Equal
by Christine Solomon
Unlike templates in other Office 97 products, Word 97 templates provide a business-application engine ...
Using Registry Editing Functions
by DevX Pro
How do I get VB to edit the registry in runtime?
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