February 11, 1997

Sending Form Data via E-Mail

Question: How can I send the data from a form via e-mail to some destination address? Answer: I won’t explain how to create a form; however, you can use the

Changing List Box Font

Question: How an I display columnar data in a native HTML list box a la tag ?The Tab character seems to be ignored, and I can’t seem to get a

Control Arrays

Question: Is there a way to handle multiple HTML Checkboxes as an array similar to the Item property of Radio buttons? Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot create control arrays as you

Passing Parameters Between Pages

Question: I’m trying to pass parameters between two html pages, both resident as files on my client. I’ve tried passing them as “search” and “hash” parameters in the URL …

Disabling Controls on Screen

Question: I’m really new at VBScript, but I have a newbie book that is helping me along. However, I have one question that doesn’t seem to be addressed. Is it

Where Class IDs Come From

Question: I’ve just spent a useless morning surfing trying to find out where the CLASSID parameter of a VBSCRIPT OBJECT tag comes from. The most useful documentation said it comes

Accessing the Communications Port

Question: How can VBScript make use of the Comm Port? Answer: VBScript cannot directly access the communications port. However, you may be able to add a communications control to your

Popup Menus with Graphics

Question: Is it possible to add any type of picture to a popup window or menu screen? Answer: The standard menu control does not support adding pictures. However, you might

Passing Controls to Subroutines/Functions

Question: I am trying to pass a control as an object to a global sub to change the controls properties.How do you Set the parameter object as the controlwhen passing