February 11, 1997

Sending Form Data via E-Mail

Question: How can I send the data from a form via e-mail to some destination address? Answer: I won’t explain how to create a form; however, you can use the forms from my site as examples. In order to send the data from the form, you have to have some

Changing List Box Font

Question: How an I display columnar data in a native HTML list box a la tag ?The Tab character seems to be ignored, and I can’t seem to get a fixed font either. Answer: The first thing I would try is to wrap a tag around the tag. If that

Control Arrays

Question: Is there a way to handle multiple HTML Checkboxes as an array similar to the Item property of Radio buttons? Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot create control arrays as you could in Visual Basic. This is one of the major drawbacks, since you have to have unique names for everything,

Passing Parameters Between Pages

Question: I’m trying to pass parameters between two html pages, both resident as files on my client. I’ve tried passing them as “search” and “hash” parameters in the URL … this apparently doesn’t work with the “file” protocol; I’ve tried passing them in the document.cookie property … this works accross

Disabling Controls on Screen

Question: I’m really new at VBScript, but I have a newbie book that is helping me along. However, I have one question that doesn’t seem to be addressed. Is it possible (using VBScript) to “grey out” check boxes so they cannot be selected, depending on parameters given in other areas

Where Class IDs Come From

Question: I’ve just spent a useless morning surfing trying to find out where the CLASSID parameter of a VBSCRIPT OBJECT tag comes from. The most useful documentation said it comes “straight from the registry” but how do I find out what a given class id is?A VBPJ article referenced the

Accessing the Communications Port

Question: How can VBScript make use of the Comm Port? Answer: VBScript cannot directly access the communications port. However, you may be able to add a communications control to your page that would be able to access the comm port. That seems like a security hole to me, but I

Popup Menus with Graphics

Question: Is it possible to add any type of picture to a popup window or menu screen? Answer: The standard menu control does not support adding pictures. However, you might want to check some of the control repositories (activex.com, www.webtools.atoncesoftware.com) to see if one is available that does support pictures

Passing Controls to Subroutines/Functions

Question: I am trying to pass a control as an object to a global sub to change the controls properties.How do you Set the parameter object as the controlwhen passing as a parameter.‘Sub ProcedureSub ChangeCaption(MyObject As Object) MyObject.Caption = “Test Complete”End SubI call this function like this:‘Call Sub ChangeCaption(lblTest) ‘Get

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