February 27, 1997

POP3 E-mail notifier using Winsock

Question: What parameters I need to query a finger server to check if new POP3 e-mail has arrived ?Finger is commonly used for getting connected users information (sending a blank line), but several Commercial Packages use POP3 to accomplish this ? I’ve read the FINGER and POP3 RFC’s and haven’t

Sensitive maps

Question: I would like to change SRC picture of thesensitive map, onClick on some area of same picture.With JavaScript it works that if instead ofHREF =”some.URL” on imagespot you just put HREF=”javascript:Function()”Under IE3.0 I got reasonable message that javascript is not supported protocol. How to do that in VBScript ?

Javascript Output

Question: How do you write javascript output to a file on the server and then retrieve it later? Answer: Unfortunately, like VBScript, JavaScript cannot write to files on yourserver or any other server. It is considered a security risk and istherefore not allowed.About the only thing I can suggest is

SqlWindows: OLE Automation Server or Client

Question: Is SqlWindows an OLE Automation Server or is it only an OLE client? Answer: SQLWindows (and Centura Team Developer), in its current incarnation, is an OLE automation CLIENT. That is, it supports In-place activation of OLE objects (like Excel, Word, etc.)Capability to merge its user-interface with that of the

Grouping Multiple Commits

Question: I’ve heard about a configuration keyword for SQLBase that groups multiple COMMITs together. Does this keyword exist, and under whatconditions would it be useful? Answer: Yes. The keyword “groupcommit” is a SQLBase configuration keyword that controls how many COMMITs are bundled together before writing them to disk. The ability

Result Sets Are Not Active Error

Question: My SQLWindows app, which has been deployed for several months now, has started giving error 163 (“Result sets are not active”) messages. Is this caused by a bug somewhere in the app, or something environmental? Answer: Centura provides native connectivity routers (and ODBC access) to all popular RDBMS brands


Question: Is it possible for a class to inherit from another class? Answer: Unfortunately, VB does not currently support class inheritance. However, using a tool like ClassAction from Crescent or ClassAssist from Sheridan, you can get the desired effects. Both of these tools allow you to create the classes within

VBScript Date and Time Functions

Question: I have a question and answer intranet site that I need to have the system input the current date and time for each question generated. This data needs to be sent to the underlying MS Access database along with the rest of the data on the form. I can’t

Interfacing with Excel

Question: From VB4.0 32 bit, I would like to be able to open excel 7.0, start a new spreadsheet, give it a name, put info in the spreadsheet, save the spreadsheet, and exit exit excel. Answer: First, you have to go to Tools->References and add “Microsoft Excel 5.0 Object Library”

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