February 27, 1997

POP3 E-mail notifier using Winsock

Question: What parameters I need to query a finger server to check if new POP3 e-mail has arrived ?Finger is commonly used for getting connected users information (sending a blank

Sensitive maps

Question: I would like to change SRC picture of thesensitive map, onClick on some area of same picture.With JavaScript it works that if instead ofHREF =”some.URL” on imagespot you just

Javascript Output

Question: How do you write javascript output to a file on the server and then retrieve it later? Answer: Unfortunately, like VBScript, JavaScript cannot write to files on yourserver or

SqlWindows: OLE Automation Server or Client

Question: Is SqlWindows an OLE Automation Server or is it only an OLE client? Answer: SQLWindows (and Centura Team Developer), in its current incarnation, is an OLE automation CLIENT. That

Grouping Multiple Commits

Question: I’ve heard about a configuration keyword for SQLBase that groups multiple COMMITs together. Does this keyword exist, and under whatconditions would it be useful? Answer: Yes. The keyword “groupcommit”

Result Sets Are Not Active Error

Question: My SQLWindows app, which has been deployed for several months now, has started giving error 163 (“Result sets are not active”) messages. Is this caused by a bug somewhere


Question: Is it possible for a class to inherit from another class? Answer: Unfortunately, VB does not currently support class inheritance. However, using a tool like ClassAction from Crescent or

VBScript Date and Time Functions

Question: I have a question and answer intranet site that I need to have the system input the current date and time for each question generated. This data needs to

Interfacing with Excel

Question: From VB4.0 32 bit, I would like to be able to open excel 7.0, start a new spreadsheet, give it a name, put info in the spreadsheet, save the