March 3, 1997

Passing variables from forms to forms

Question: Would you please tell me how to pass variables from forms to forms? Is that we can use the Tabs in general or use pass by reference? Thanks! Answer:

Scanning Multiple Levels of a Directory

Question: I have been trying to right a routine to recurs sub directories and scan for files. Then the light came on!!! What is the call to the windows API

Calculating time intervals

Question: How does one calculate time differences. I know there’s a function to calculate date differences.I am coding a database program which includes calculating the difference between a start time

Finding Corresponding EndIf

Question: I’ve got ten pages of code and there’s an “If” on the first page, a bunch of “If…EndIf” statements throughout the code and the “EndIf” that corresponds with the

Common Dialog – folder selection?

Question: In Word 7.0, under Tools, Options, File Locations tab, there is a dialog that comes up to define the folder containing certain types of files. This dialog allows folder