March 3, 1997

Opening a Password Protected Access Database

Question: I am developing an application in VB 4.0 connecting to an Access 7.0Database. I do not want to set up database security with groups, users andpasswords. All I want to do is set up a database password. Once I dothis, however, I can’t connect to the database. Help! Answer:

Common Dialog – folder selection?

Question: In Word 7.0, under Tools, Options, File Locations tab, there is a dialog that comes up to define the folder containing certain types of files. This dialog allows folder selection only, not file selection. Is this acessible through VB somehow? Is it a common dialog that I can get

Finding Corresponding EndIf

Question: I’ve got ten pages of code and there’s an “If” on the first page, a bunch of “If…EndIf” statements throughout the code and the “EndIf” that corresponds with the first “If” lurks somewhere below. Short of just looking for the last “EndIf” (which would work in this case), I’d

Adding a new record in a VB 4.0 database

Question: When I use my add record button on my form I get blank fields, like I should. However, after I add the new info and move to a different record I find that my new record has overwritten an existing record. I am trying to use the AddNew and

Calculating time intervals

Question: How does one calculate time differences. I know there’s a function to calculate date differences.I am coding a database program which includes calculating the difference between a start time and a finish time. Answer: Even though it is called the DateDiff function, it can be used to calculateup to

Scanning Multiple Levels of a Directory

Question: I have been trying to right a routine to recurs sub directories and scan for files. Then the light came on!!! What is the call to the windows API that searchs directories? Answer: You actually don’t have to use the API to do this. The Dir function inVisual Basic

Passing variables from forms to forms

Question: Would you please tell me how to pass variables from forms to forms? Is that we can use the Tabs in general or use pass by reference? Thanks! Answer: Since you’re using Version 3.0 of Visual Basic, the only way to access thesame variable from two different places is